10 Perfect Baby Names for Your Little Mermaid (Or Merman)

Over the weekend, we watched The Little Mermaid for our weekly family movie night. Neither of my girls had ever seen it, and somehow I grew up in the ’90s without ever having seen the entire thing, so big chunks of it were new to me too.

Since I’m always thinking about baby names, I noticed several really cute ones that would be perfect for a little mermaid or merman.

Little Mermaid Baby Names
  1. Ariel. Of course! Too bad the amazing red hair doesn’t automatically come along with the name.
  2. Eric. Means “eternal ruler.” I guess King Triton has nothing on Prince Eric!
  3. Athena. Ariel’s mother’s name is regal and gorgeous.
  4. Carlotta. I love this Spanish name. It’s so exotic but not weird.
  5. Sebastian. This name has been steadily gaining popularity, currently clocking in at 45 on the Social Security registry.
  6. Gabriella. This gorgeous French name (which belongs to one of Ariel’s mermaid friends) is easily shortened to Gabby; perfect for little girls and grown-up women alike.
  7. Alana. All of Ariel’s sisters have names that start with an A, but Alana is my favorite of all of them.
  8. Ollie. The Ollie in the Little Mermaid is an octopus, but the full name, Oliver, is plenty popular for humans too, sitting comfortably in the top 100 for the last five years.
  9. Melody. It’s no surprise that Ariel’s daughter is just as musical as her mother.
  10. Max. Eric’s dog snagged a popular name for himself. Max has been in the top 200 since 1987!
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