30 Baby Names Inspired by Beauty

If there is anything I want to teach my children, it’s that life is full of goodness and beauty if we train our eyes to see it. There is beauty everywhere, and at every turn, people are doing the right thing. And when I mention beauty, I am not just talking about things in the world that are aesthetically pleasing, but things that also please our hearts and our spirits. The things that make us feel like goodness and beauty surrounds us. Here are a few baby names inspired by beauty. Whether it’s strength, hope, the sun, or a dove, these names remind us that the world is a beautiful place. What more does your little one need?

Girl Names

  1. Adele (noble)
  2. Alicia (truthful)
  3. Alika (most beautiful)
  4. Amanda (beloved)
  5. Carmine (song)
  6. Elle (beautiful fairy)
  7. Hannah (gracious)
  8. Jolie (pretty, merry)
  9. Nadia (hope)
  10. Nina (strong)
  11. Paloma (dove)
  12. Soleil (sun)
  13. Tabitha (beauty, grace)
  14. Paloma (dove)
  15. Zaria (blossom)

Boy Names

  1. Abel (breath)
  2. Adley (just)
  3. Aland (bright as the sun)
  4. Calum (dove)
  5. Carrington (beautiful)
  6. Hadar (glorious)
  7. Hardwin (brave friend)
  8. Jace (healer)
  9. Jamal (handsome)
  10. Kaleb (devoted one)
  11. Kavan (handsome one)
  12. Lamar (of the sea)
  13. Reilly (courageous)
  14. Solomon (wise and peaceful)
  15. Tad (poet)
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