Baby Names Inspired by Latino Artists

I love art. I can’t say I’m especially skilled as an artist but that doesn’t stop me from picking up a paint brush every now and then. My mother is the artist in the family. I’m amazed by what she can do with a canvas and some paint. It’s through her influence that I have an interest in art and have learned about a few artists here and there. I’m no expert but I try. Coming from a hispanic family I have taken a special interest in Latino artists and some of them have some great names. If you are a lover of art and are expecting a baby, perhaps you will want to honor one of these artists by naming your baby after them.

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  • Frida: I kind of love this name. It’s not common but I don’t think it’s out there either. Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist famous for her self-portraits.
  • Diego: This is a great boy’s name. Again, it’s not one you hear often but not a name that is difficult to pronounce or understand. This name is inspired by Diego Rivera who was married to Frida Kahlo and was famous for his murals in bold colors.
  • Pablo: Who hasn’t heard of Pablo Picasso? I think Pablo would be a fantastic boy’s name.
  • Salvador: Salvador Dali was a surrealist painter from Spain. He was an amazing talent in my eyes. Salvador is perfect for a little boy and can be shortened to Sal. In fact, I kind of like Dali for a baby name too.
  • Fernando: This name is inspired by Fernando Botero, a Colombian artist who is known for his signature style, “Boterism.” I always thought a cute nickname for Fernando would be Fernie.
  • Romero: Brazilian neo-pop artist, Romero Britto, is big here in Miami. People just love him around here. He’s mostly known by his last name, Britto, but I love his first name. It’s very unique.
  • Carmen: Carmen Herrera is a recent discovery for me. She is from Cuba and currently resides in NYC. Her work is bold and colorful. Carmen is actually my daughter’s middle name, so you know I’m a fan.

Who is your favorite artist? Would you consider naming your baby after them?

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