Baby Names Inspired by Harry Potter

Are you a Harry Potter fan? I still remember when my mom read the first book aloud to my siblings and me, and how, within one chapter, we were all deeply in love.

We went to the midnight sales of the last four books, we attended midnight movie showings as a family and now, as an parent, I’m eagerly awaiting the day when my girls are old enough for me to introduce them to the magic of Hogwarts.

Of course, one of the things that makes those books so magical is the vast cast of characters, each with their own back story and personality. The books also make a great repository of possible baby names.

I’m not suggesting “Dumbledore” or “Hufflepuff” (is there any baby in the world cute enough to pull off a name like “Hufflepuff”?), but there are plenty of great names in J.K. Rowling’s enormous wizarding world that won’t raise Muggle eyebrows.

Looking at these names made me want to read the whole series again. Here are my favorites:

  • Baby Names Inspired by Harry Potter

    Baby Names Inspired by Harry Potter

    These 50 names cover the whole range of characters in Rowling’s seven-book series. Which ones are your favorites?

  • Harry


    The boy who lived. Of course this name starts the list off.

  • George


    Do you think Princess Kate and Prince William are secretly Potter fans?

  • Molly


    How can you not love Molly Weasely, who steps in as Harry’s psuedo-mother from the moment she meets him?

  • Ranger


    Drop the G from Hermione’s last name, and you have a boy name I really like.

  • Bill


    A job in banking doesn’t usually involve curse breaking, unless you’re Bill Weasley.

  • William


    If you want the longer version of Bill, William is a classic name (think Shakespeare, Prince William and poet William Blake).

  • Victor


    If you’re hoping for a Quidditch-playing child, you might consider this spelling of Viktor Krum’s name.

  • Orion


    Sirius Black’s middle name. (Isn’t this a GREAT name?)

  • Trevor


    Neville Longbottom’s perpetually lost toad. But a nice name anyway.

  • Teddy


    Lupin and Tonk’s son and Harry’s godson. And who wouldn’t want a godfather like Harry Potter?

  • Sybill


    Sybill Trelawney is the slightly kooky Divinations professor at Hogwarts. (If there was ever a great film adaptation of a character, Emma Thompson’s is one).

  • Roy


    Gilderoy might be a bit of a mouthful, but Roy is very manageable.

  • Ron


    Was there ever a better best friend than Ron Weasley? I loved him from the first moment he appeared until the closing page of Book 7.

  • Remus


    You may want to be wary of this name for a newborn, who might take to heart the werewolf lifestyle of staying awake all night.

  • Raven


    If I were to sort myself into a Hogwarts house, I think it’d be Ravenclaw.

  • Poppy


    The Hogwarts nurse, who sees way too much of Harry throughout the series as he breaks one bone after another.

  • Peter


    The eternal question – was Peter Pettigrew a better rat or person?

  • Penelope


    Penelope Clearwater probably was a lovely person, but had poor taste in boyfriends, if Percy is any indication (you’ll notice his name doesn’t appear on this list).

  • Virginia


    Ginny Weasley’s name is actually short for Ginevra, but Ginny is more commonly short for Virginia.

  • Ginny


    It’s so fun to watch Ginny grow from a little girl into a super-smart and fearless woman. She and Harry are a perfect match, I think.

  • Oliver


    The moment he appeared on the screen of the movie version of Book 1, I was a fan. A cute face plus a British accent? My 14-year-old self was delighted.

  • Fire


    Okay, admittedly this name may raise a few muggle eyebrows, but I love this centaur name for a girl.

  • Nicolas


    Nicolas Flamel, the creator of the Philosopher’s Stone which caused so much trouble in the first book.

  • Tom


    Voldemort left behind his muggle father’s name, but I’ve always liked the name Tom.

  • Nev


    I wouldn’t personally go for Neville, but I love the name “Nev.”

  • Miranda


    A writer of Charms textbooks in the Harry Potter universe. Don’t you love how fleshed out the entire world of Harry Potter is? It’s one of the reasons I love the series so much.

  • Marietta


    A lovely name for a girl who, unfortunately, betrayed Dumbledore’s Army and got the wrong side of Hermione’s curse for her trouble.

  • Lily


    I was always desperate to hear more about Harry’s parents, and the fact that Lily has long been one of my favorite girl names made me love her all the more.

  • Lee


    Lee Jordan always made me laugh with his Quidditch commentary.

  • Lavender


    I think the relationship between Ron and Lavender Brown was one of my favorite fictional relationships of all time. So hilarious!

  • Kendra


    Dumbledore’s mother’s name; means “knowledge.”

  • Katie


    If you use this name, be sure to warn your child not to accept any mysterious cursed packages.

  • Jane


    I’m not anxious to name a child after Dolores Umbridge, but I do love her middle name, Jane.

  • James


    James Potter – trouble-making student who grew up to be a decent person and father of Harry Potter. Also, transforms into the coolest animal.

  • Grey


    Fenrir Greyback is a male, but I love the name Grey for a girl.

  • Godric


    At heart we all wish we were Gryffindors, don’t we? (I’m way too much of a wimp, though).

  • Fleur


    Fleur is such a beautiful, feminine name.

  • Amelia


    Since 2000, this name has jumped from 207 to 23. It’s also the first name of Madame Bones, who presided over Harry’s disciplinary hearing after he summoned a Patronus in front of a muggle.

  • Evan


    Lily Potter’s maiden name is Evans – drop the S and it’s a great boy name.

  • Ariana


    Dumbledore’s younger sister. Means “very holy one.”

  • Dean


    Harry’s long-suffering roommate at Hogwarts.

  • Cyrus


    If Sirius is a bit much for you, this is a more popular twist.

  • Charlie


    As a stand-alone name, Charlie (rather than Charles) is moving steadily up the charts. Plus, who doesn’t want to be named after a dragon-wrangling wizard?

  • Charity


    This professor of Muggle Studies met an untimely end, thanks to Voldemort.

  • Cedric


    It was pretty impressive to me that Rowling could still make me like Cedric even when he was Harry’s opponent in love and the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

  • Alice


    Neville Longbottom’s mother who lost her mind after fighting against the Death Eaters.

  • Broderick


    This Welsh name belongs to a Ministry of Magic Unspeakable and friend of Arthur Weasley.

  • Brian


    I discouraged use of the name “Dumbledore” earlier, but his middle name (well, ONE of his middle names) is perfectly common.

  • Arthur


    I think every reader has a soft spot for muggle-loving Arthur Weasley.

And if you need more naming inspiration, try BabyZone’s baby name finder.

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