20 Unforgettable Baby Names Inspired by Book Characters

As an avid reader and a former librarian, there’s nothing I like more than characters in books.

It will come as no surprise that I would have happily named all my children after my literary favorites.

In the end, neither of my girls got their names from a book, but it hasn’t stopped me from making lists of my favorite names for girls and boys from the books I’ve loved both as a child and as an adult.

  • Anne


    Anne with an “e,” of course. If I’d known our second daughter was going to be a redhead, I might have considered it!

  • Atticus


    Is there anyone who wouldn’t want to name their son after Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird?

  • Betsy


    For Christmas, my older daughter got a copy of “B” is for Betsy and we loved reading it together. And Betsy is such a sweet old-fashioned name.

  • Blythe


    I desperately wanted to name a girl this, but my husband thinks it’s too weird to name a girl after Gilbert Blythe.

  • Charlotte


    This was very nearly our second daughter’s name, and after just recently re-reading Charlotte’s Web I fell in love with this name all over again.

  • Christopher


    I love the name Christopher, especially since it makes me think of sweet Christopher Robin.

  • Elizabeth


    Literature is filled with fantastic Elizabeths, but Lizzie Bennet is always the first that comes to mind for me.

  • Ella


    Ella Enchanted is my favorite spin on the Cinderella story, so much so that I call my oldest daughter Ella in my online life.

  • Finn


    That Huck Finn has a pretty great name if both his first and last names are ones I’d consider for my own child.

  • Harry


    I’ve loved Harry Potter since the late nineties, when my mom read the first book aloud to me and my sisters.

  • Huck


    While the full “Huckleberry” might be a bit much, “Huck” has a lot of pizazz to it!

  • Hugo


    I feel like I’m seeing the name Hugo pop up everywhere in the last year or two, and it reminds me of one of my recent favorite children’s books, The Invention of Hugo Cabret.

  • Jane


    Whether you’re thinking Jane Eyre or Jane Bennet, Jane is always a good pick.

  • Jo


    I’m nothing like Jo March (except that I like to read), but I love her and her fiery spirit.

  • Laura


    I’m a Little House fan through and through. They are the first books I remember my mom reading aloud to me, and I still own the full set my mom bought when our local library replaced theirs.

  • Max


    My husband loves Where the Wild Things Are, so I think he’d be an easy sell on this name if we have a boy in the future.

  • Milo


    One of the books my dad read me as a child was The Phantom Tollbooth and I’ve loved resourceful Milo and his faithful dog Tock ever since (I think I’d skip Tock for a baby name, though).

  • Rhett


    I’ve loved Rhett Butler since I was about twelve years old.

  • Robin


    Christopher might be a traditional boy’s name, but Christopher Robin’s last name is perfectly suited for a girl.

  • William


    Mr. Darcy might not make a great first name, but William does (although, I do love the name Darcy for a girl).

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