Baby Name Trends for 2014

I find the entire process of baby naming so incredibly fascinating. Whether it be a traditional name or something completely different, names based on trends, celebrities or sentimental locations, every child has a name that usually comes with a story.

If you’re curious as to what the trends are for 2014, I have some great news — you don’t have to wait! Nameberry has released some of their predictions for the upcoming year, and I think you’ll find them just as fascinating as I did.

One of the most interesting trends I think are the boy’s names for girls. Apparently many girls have been given traditional boy’s names as their middle name. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that, but it’s definitely an interesting twist! Click through for more super cool trends for the upcoming year.

Source: Nameberry

  • Eccentric Ancestor Names

    Eccentric Ancestor Names

    Antique names are making a come back! Both family names and vintage revivals are coming back for 2014.

  • Vintage Names

    Vintage Names

    Say hello to Edna, Ethel, Percy, Gertrude, Wolfgang and Wilhelmina. Ancestor names are in again!

  • Boys' Names For Girls

    Boys' Names For Girls

    Believe it or not, more and more girls are being given traditional boys names as their middle name!

  • Mary James

    Mary James

    Some examples of boys’ names being used for girls – Poppy James, Agnes Charles, Lucy Thomas and Mary James. What do you think about this trend?

  • Spice Girl (and boy) Names

    Spice Girl (and boy) Names

    No, no not the group! Herb and spice names are on the rise! Sweet and spicy names for kids? Hmm…

  • Spice Names

    Spice Names

    Sage, Saffron, Poppy, Bay, Cassia, Juniper, Lavender or Cayenne anyone? These spicy, savory and sweet names are becoming a full-blown trend!

  • Name Influencer

    Name Influencer

    Who do you think the most surprising baby name influencer is? Find out in the next slide!

  • The Pope

    The Pope

    Yes, that’s right! Pope Francis I has influenced the way parents are naming their children. Francesco is the number one baby name right now in Italy and parents around the world are using names like Francesca, Frank, Francisco, Frances, Frankie, Francine and Francis to name their kids.

  • Virtuous Names For Boys

    Virtuous Names For Boys

    The bad boy names we’ve been hearing about so often are being replaced by more virtuous ones. Such as…

  • Virtue Names

    Virtue Names

    Loyal, True, Noble and Valor are popular virtue names that are gaining ground.

  • Coolest Consonant

    Coolest Consonant

    It’s cool, crazy and I may be a little biased to this particular consonant. Any guesses as to which one has risen in popularity?

  • "C"

    There seems to be an increasing number of names beginning with the letter “C.” Try Cyrus, Clarissa, Clementine, Cordelia, Clover, Cedar or Cadence on for size.

  • Rising Ethnicity

    Rising Ethnicity

    Any guesses as to which ethnicity is ready to rise? I’ll give you a hint – it’s warm, sunny and the waters are the most gorgeous shade of blue.

  • Greek


    Greek names are going to be a big deal in 2014. Think Evangeline, Theodora, Olympia, Chloe, Calliope and Elias.

  • Say Goodbye To

    Say Goodbye To

    Which names are jumping the shark? Any guesses?

  • N-Ending Names

    N-Ending Names

    They’ve had a really long run but according to, it’s time to say goodbye to names such as Aidan, Zayden, Camden, Cohen, Bryson and Kellan. The two-syllable n-ending names are sailing away, but classics such as Ethan and Owen will still remain.

  • Celebrity Trends

    Celebrity Trends

    They have set many trends and everyones eyes (and ears) are on the latest and greatest when it comes to the celebs. For 2014 look for a rise in baby names that have something to do with a special celebrity couple/family.

  • Royal Names

    Royal Names

    Prince William and his beautiful wife Catherine welcomed a son this year and I’m thinking that had a little something to do with the rise in royal baby names. Names like George, Louis, Helena, Margaret, Mary, Arthur and Maud are rising in popularity.

  • Celebrity Trends That Are A

    Celebrity Trends That Are A "No"

    We’ve dished on the popular celebrity trends, but what about the unpopular ones? Kanye West and Kim Kardashian named their baby girl “North” and although we like the name, the combination of “North” and “West” can be taken in a couple of different directions. Other celebrities such as one who gave her daughter five first names and another who named their son after room decor, you don’t want to follow in their footsteps. Those trends are not here to stay.

  • Baby Boomer Names

    Baby Boomer Names

    Out with the old and in with the older. The Baby Boomer name trend takes a different and very interesting turn.

  • Great Grandparent Names

    Great Grandparent Names

    The names of our grandparents are out, and the older names from our great grandparents are IN! Think Violet and Henry, Mabel and Max. Gail, Kathy, Janet, Jeffrey and Gary are out – until they come back again in 1-2 more generations.

  • Historic Hero Names

    Historic Hero Names

    They’ve been heroes for years upon years, but only now are we starting to see a trend in the names of historic heroes.

  • The Heroes Of Yesteryear

    The Heroes Of Yesteryear

    Some of those heroic names include Scarlett, Huckleberry, Atticus, McKinley, Lincoln and Chaplin.

If you need more naming inspiration, try BabyZone’s awesome baby name finder!

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