15 Disney-Themed Baby Names to Watch Out for in 2018

Obviously, baby name trends come and go — but if we do say so ourselves, Disney names always remain magical! If you’re thinking of giving your baby a Disney-inspired name but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. Here are 15 Disney character names that are poised to skyrocket (or are already trending upward).

Real-Life Royals

From Kate Middleton’s third pregnancy to Prince Harry’s engagement, updates about the English royal family continue to dominate our newsfeeds. So, we wouldn’t be surprised if that inspires some people to give their baby names the “royal” treatment! These Disney characters happen to also be the names of real-life royals, past and present.

Alice — Alice in Wonderland

Arthur — The Sword in the Stone

Charlotte — The Princess and the Frog

George — Peter Pan

Elizabeth — Pirates of the Caribbean

Henry — The Princess and the Frog

Newly Popular Film Characters


No doubt, Disney’s huge film releases last year will influence baby name trends. (Remember how Elsa spiked right after Frozen first came out?) Here are a few other popular character names that we expect to start rising to the top, based on recent movie favorites.

Coco — Coco

Kylo — The Last Jedi

Rey — The Last Jedi

Evie — Descendants 2

Other Names on the Rise

If you scour the baby name lists closely enough (and let’s face it, we know you do) then you’ve probably already seen which names are the most popular overall. But just in case you forgot — these currently trending names also have ties to Disney movies!

Flynn — Tangled, up 56 spots to #764

Olivia — The Great Mouse Detective, up 101 spots to #111

Loki – Thor, up 224 spots to #1789

Sebastian — The Little Mermaid, remaining at #12

Milo — Atlantis, The Lost Empire, up 52 spots to to #157

Info on ranking increases for 2018 from BabyCenter

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