A Surprising Baby Milestone at Only 7 Months!

Umm, not sure when this happened — but my baby, my sweet girl, my Little L, who is only 7 months, is up and at ’em!


YEP! She is pulling herself up in the crib and in her play yard… and I’m not prepared.

It took me completely by surprise just a few days ago when I was getting my son dressed for preschool. I reached over to grab his shorts when he yelled out, “MIRA MAMI, MIRA!” (“LOOK MOMMY, LOOK!”)

I quickly turned, scared — and there, smiling and drooling was my girl STANDING in her crib. I was completely taken aback. I knew she was a little firecracker, but I wasn’t expecting this. I mean, she’s not even crawling yet — just scooting around.

But she looked as happy as can be. She seemed to be enjoying the view, and it was as if she was saying “I got this mami. I got this!”

Every child is different, but naturally, I measure her milestones against my son’s. He didn’t pull himself up until 9 1/2 months and was, well, kinda lazy just taking his time. But Little L, she’s all over the place — doesn’t waste any time. Usually when babies sit up for the first time, they are a bit unsteady and still fall back while they are working on their balance. Not her; she sat up and stayed up. No bobbing around or anything, which also took me by surprise.

Now I’m thinking she might manage her way out of the crib BEFORE she walks. ¡Ayyyyy!

My mother’s prediction: she’ll be walking before her first birthday.

Were you surprised by your baby’s milestones?

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