Baby Milestones: Amani Rolls Over!

Just a week away from turning three months, my baby girl reached a very special milestone. This afternoon she rolled over for the first time!

Baby Milestones: Amani Rolls Over!

Amani has always preferred her right side, constantly rolling to her side when placed down to sleep or while in her bouncy chair. Today she took it a little bit farther and rolled all the way onto her tummy! The look on her face was too cute as she realized she had just done something great! I was so excited to capture the moment. Well, actually it was the second time because I wasn’t expecting it the first time! Those first firsts always seem to miss getting captured by our cameras, don’t they? It was awesome that my mom was here to share in the moment! How special it must be to see your grandchildren to what your children once did and for it to be just as exciting.

Congratulations on rolling over, Amani! Here’s to many, many more milestones!

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