Baby Milestone: My Baby’s First Teeth!

It started like any other morning in the middle of December: Judah was quietly nursing, he and I both barely awake and then, out of nowhere… he bit me – really hard. It was uncharacteristic of him, especially when he kept trying to nip me every time he nursed that day. I peered into his mouth and low and behold, there were the tell-tale signs: two little bumps on his lower gum.

Uh oh, I thought, looks like someone’s teething. But now, less than a month later, my little guy already has TWO teeth!


Make no mistake… those little chompers are sharp! Now that they’ve finally broken through his gums, he’s stopped nipping as much while he nurses, but he does do it occasionally. Usually it’s a sign that he’s either finished nursing or wants my attention. Whenever he nips, I pause and gently remind him we don’t bite while we nurse. If he keeps doing it, I usually stop nursing him and hand him a teething ring or a cracker to chomp down on. If he’s still super hungry, I’ll make him a bottle instead; I’d rather he chew on the plastic nipple than mine!

For a couple of days, especially at the first tooth was trying to cut through his gum, it was really rough. My lovely little boy – usually a fantastic sleeper, sleeping through the night like a champ – would wake up crying out of a sound sleep, his poor little gums keeping him up. (Thankfully, our doctor said we could give him some infant acetaminophen and that usually did the trick.) Other times, he’d go from pleasant as a peach to nigh inconsolable on the turn of a dime.

From that first bite while he was nursing until the first tooth broke through, it was a solid five days. Some babies cut their teeth faster, others slower; Judah’s second tooth didn’t make its appearance until New Year’s Day. But now that he’s got two teeth, he’s starting to develop a perfectly adorable new grin!

Two teeth down, only eighteen more to go!

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