Baby Lounging, Disney Style

If you ask me, the one must-have piece of baby equipment (besides diapers, of course) is a bouncy seat. That little piece of heaven is the next best thing to mama’s arms. Because, let’s face it, mama’s arms are busy ones. And though they might wish they were holding Baby all day long, that’s just not very realistic.

Marry a must-have with Disney style, and well, you’ve got a win-win. Seriously, the folks at Disney are all about bringing characters to life and these bouncers are the perfect example.

As a mama of two speedy, adventurous little boys (and a baby girl who happens to love quoting Cars), I adore this CARS Fast as Lightning Bouncer. From the stop-light entertainment to the plush dice to the winner’s trophy rattle, this product is packed with all kinds of Cars fun. (For product details and retail info, click here.)

Cars Fast as Lightning Bouncer

If speed isn’t your baby’s style, this Flowers & Fairytales Bouncer featuring Disney Princesses is also adorable. Gentle vibrations, sweet tunes, softly flashing lights, and a hanging star and butterfly make for lots of great entertainment. And the castle is great eye candy for your little one, too. (For product details and retail info, click here.)

Flowers & Fairytales Bouncer

Both of these are loveable with or without the removable toy bar. (Because, truth be told, sometimes we all turn to the bouncer when the last thing we want to do is stimulate Baby. Am I right?)

So…which of these do you think your baby would love?

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