Baby Is ALMOST Sitting Up!

This month I am on a mega-proud mama alert. Little L is just growing so fast and every day she is changing. Even her face changes from day to day and I just can’t my eyes off of her! My husband, my son, and I are just so in love with her — she is our little doll. Yet, she has one heck of a personality. Oh yes!

She makes herself heard and she knows how to roll with the bigger kids. I’m very proud of my girl. She’s going to be a tough one — I just know it. In the past two weeks she has gone from rolling, to pulling herself all over the floor, to getting up into crawl position, and today — today, she SAT UP!

Okay, so it was only for a few seconds, but she worked her way up, and after straining and struggling, she did it! It was, in a word, AWESOME!

  • Baby abs of steel

    Baby abs of steel

    If there is one thing I’m sure of, it’s that her abs are made of steel. Little L doesn’t lay still anymore. She is always lifting her head and neck and has her eye on the prize. That’s my little champ!

  • Just a little bit more...

    Just a little bit more...

    She has been able to roll on her back and then bring herself up to one of her sides. She is so determined to sit up!

  • Another side view

    Another side view

    I couldn’t quite snap her when she was up, but here she is playing with her Minnie crawler shoes and halfway to sitting up. I’m guessing it’s only a matter of days until she is up. Then comes working on her balance!

  • Ready, set, crawl!

    Ready, set, crawl!

    This was also a new milestone. Until recently she had just been dragging herself around the room, but now she is up in crawling position and taking little pushes forward. We may be buying that baby gate sooner than expected!

  • Arms of steel

    Arms of steel

    This is one strong baby! Here she is working on her upper arm strength. She does this all day, every day while planning her great escape.

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