Baby in Bloom: Springtime with Judah!

Now that the warmer weather has finally arrived, we are thrilled to be able to take Judah outside to enjoy this beautiful, blooming springtime. In addition to Judah’s first flight, we had an extra special opportunity this weekend when we got to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom for the last weekend of the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. It was a positively stunning display and was the first time really since Judah was born that he got to see and experience the beauty and warmth of early springtime.

Here are our favorite photos from our lovely morning visit to the cherry blossoms!

  • Baby in Bloom

    Baby in Bloom

    There’s nothing quite like bare toes in the grass, is there?

  • So Stoic!

    So Stoic!

    Judah was very stoic about admiring all the beautiful cherry blossoms!

  • A Hidden Gem

    A Hidden Gem

    Millions of people descend on the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C. to see the cherry blossoms, but insiders know it’s the Kenwood neighborhood in Bethesda, Maryland that has some of the most densely cherry blossom-lined streets in the entire region. Between the posh mansions and the gorgeous cherry blossom trees, the whole area has this beautiful, ethereal feel. It almost felt like walking around a fairytale!

  • Getting in Touch with Nature

    Getting in Touch with Nature

    Judah gets up close and personal with the cherry blossoms, thanks to a little lift from Daddy.

  • Falling Petals Like Springtime Snow

    Falling Petals Like Springtime Snow

    I got Judah a little too close to nature when I shook some branches for him, to get the petals to fall. Instead, I ended up shaking pollen all over his little face, and he started sneezing!

  • Exploring His World

    Exploring His World

    Judah is a confident crawler now, but even he was thrown by the opportunity to crawl in the grass. Once he got going though, he had a blast!

  • Working on His Next Big Steps

    Working on His Next Big Steps

    Once he got tired of crawling, I helped walk Judah around. He loved the way the grass felt under his bare feet!

  • The Perfect Weather

    The Perfect Weather

    After such a long, brutal winter in New England, the 80° temps, bright sunshine and stunning cherry blossoms (that smelled amazing!) were a nice breath of fresh air for the whole family.

  • Springtime Memories

    Springtime Memories

    A lovely photo to capture the memories of a wonderful day together as a family – we can’t wait for more springtime adventures together as the season unfolds!

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