Baby Haircut? We’ll Mullet Over.


My wife and I have picked up on a trend in our household, and it pertains to our baby, Luke. More specifically his hair. It keeps growing. And we keep letting it grow, despite the fact that it’s clearly time to cut it. And I’m not quite sure hair

By this age (just over a year), each of the triplets had already gotten his or her first trim, but not Luke. It might be a function of time – as in, we’re kinda short on it, what with five kids and all.

Or maybe it’s me. I mean, I’m no spring chicken anymore, folks. And the days of the full bonnet are gone. So maybe my hair loss somehow prohibits me from insisting we cut even the tiniest amount from Luke’s frock.

Or maybe it’s just that we know we’ll eventually cut Luke’s hair, which means now’s not the time to fret about it. Now’s the time to enjoy it. Because Luke’s unruly frock makes us smile. We love the way it looks, even if it sometimes hangs off of one side of his head like a bad combover might.

See, we think he’s pulling it off. I mean, it’s business in the front, but a party in the back.

All that said, my wife and I realize there’s a limited shelf life for such a look. I mean, let’s face it folks, aside from Billy Ray Cyrus, babies are about the only people on Earth who can get aw
ay with a full blown mullet. (Which makes me wonder if there’s not a market for “jorts” one pieces. Or itty, bitty wife beaters, maybe. Hello? Money makers, y’all…)

Which is why we’re letting him get away with it now. During the carefree months of summer. When everyone’s style is just a little more casual. Where you can, you know, let your hair down a bit. And channel your inner curly cue.

Or bask in your shagginess.

We’ll probably give Luke his first haircut come fall, but till then, he’ll rock the locks. And, again, we’re not really sure why.

Which just might the beauty of it all.

How old was your baby when he or she experienced a first haircut?

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