BOY Is She Cute!

BOY is right!

Most times I hear “What a cute little guy!”  about Little L and I just smile and say, “Yes, she’s pretty cute.” And then I get “Oh, I’m sorry.”

Honestly, I’m not offended. I’ve made the mistake with other babies myself, and at this age (under a year) it’s not easy to tell except by the way they are dressed. Recently, I started going through M’s baby clothes and came across several shirts, one-pieces and pants that are Little L’s size. Some of them are more “boy”-looking with blues and reds. Don’t get me wrong, anyone can wear these colors but traditionally we see baby girls in pink, purples, lilac, yellow, green and with polka dot patterns, hearts and flowers.


The first time my husband saw Little L wearing M’s old red sweatpants and striped orange shirt (as seen above) he said, “She looks EXACTLY like M!” He asked me why she was wearing them, and I laughed and said, “I haven’t done laundry!” But I tend to dress her in his clothes for sleeping or as a spare outfit when we are out.

But it really got me thinking: If M were a girl and Little L were a boy, would I dress my son in pinks and hearts?

Either way, my little girl looks super cute in anything she wears. Oh, and there she is snacking on her Stride Rite Minnie Crawler Shoes!

Do you dress your kids in each other’s clothing?


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