12 Ideas for Baby- and Toddler-Friendly Valentines

Next week, my littlest love will attend her very first Valentine’s Day soirée! Her classroom is having a celebration. Lola will be quite festive when she wears her pink shirt sprinkled with sparkly hearts, but there’s still one thing we need to get — valentines!


Because Valentine’s Day is all about showing love, now seems like the perfect time time to help Lola show love to her new friends and teachers. Plus, I have to admit, the idea of little ones handing out valentines is awfully cute.

I’ve looked up some ideas and wanted to share some of my favorite (daycare-friendly) ideas. There are tons of printables to help you make tags or labels to accompany your special something, or you can just grab some construction paper and a pen (or crayon!).

  • Small board or soft books – I love gifting books. Smaller-sized board books are perfect for little hands.
  • Sippy cups – Sippy cups are in heavy rotation during the older baby and toddler years. There are tons of Valentine’s Day ones, as well as non-holiday ones in pink and red.
  • Teething rings – A teething ring or some other toy that is safe for baby to put in his or her mouth is a fun idea. These days big kids have stickers, rings and other fun stuff — who says they have to have all of the fun?
  • Toys – A small baby-safe toy.
  • Baby food pouches – Puréed baby food in a pouch is a great alternative to sweets. Don’t forget a tag that says something like: “You’re my main squeeze.”
  • Crackers – Goldfish crackers are popular with littles. And animal crackers (cookies) are another option.
  • Cookies – Teddy grams in celebration of “bear hugs” are great, and so are letter cookies (for example, pick out the Xs and Os or spell love). The options are limitless when it comes to cookies. You can make your own or purchase some made with littles in mind.
  • Balls – Babies love balls (it’s a word Lola is constantly using) as she plays with hers. A toddler-sized ball complete with a tag that reads, “You make my heart bounce” is a sweet gesture.
  • Fruit – “I’m bananas for you.” “You’re berry sweet.” “Orange you glad we’re friends?” “Apple of my eye.” Fresh fruit is an alternative to the puréed kind and there are tons of choices.
  • Toy cars – I “wheelie like you.”
  • Cereal — Tiny diners tend to like cereal. Consider a pint-sized cereal box with a tag that reads something like: “I cereal-ously want you to be my valentine.”
  • Crayons – Brightly colored crayons are perfect for tiny artists.
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