Choosing Baby’s First Real Outfits

With three little girls, I own a LOT of children’s clothing. But I don’t have that much real newborn clothing.

For the first three months or so of my babies’ lives, they mainly just wear pajamas and bodysuits – when they’re sleeping around the clock and not leaving the house much, I find that it is simpler to keep them in the most basic of outfits.

But now that my baby is getting a little older, we’re moving into outfit territory. And it just couldn’t be cuter.


With my baby only four months old, I still tend to like one-piece outfits the best. They’re simple to wear, don’t require any more work on my part to get her in and out of (babies are still so floppy at this stage!), and she looks like a real little person instead of just a tiny baby.

I’m a huge fan of tiny rompers like this Bambi one or little dresses like Lady and the Tramp dress. I love that they are cool enough for summer, but I can easily slip a pair of leggings underneath or add a little sweater if it gets chilly.

And it’s not just fun for me – my older girls love picking out her outfits, especially if they have characters on them that they know and love like Dumbo.

I love that these outfits are soft and cozy and that they can be tossed in the washing machine when, inevitably, she spits up or has a diaper emergency.

But mostly, I love how cute she looks, even if it hurts my heart a little how fast she’s growing up.

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