Awaiting Our Newest Little Disney Baby!

Even after three pregnancies, finding out I’m pregnant for the fourth time is just as exciting as the first! My husband and I were so grateful for the blessing of having another child. With my first pregnancy, I came up with a cute little way to announce my pregnancy to my husband; I placed large stickers on my tummy spelling out “I’m pregnant!” Now that I reached my fourth pregnancy, I pretty much just blurted it out with tears in my eyes. I’d definitely say the emotion was still the same, pure joy!

My closest friends and family were given the great news shortly after I discovered I was pregnant. As my belly grew bigger, more and more people learned the news. As for my blog readers at Little Life of Mine, I wanted to give them a short and fun announcement. I didn’t announce my pregnancy until I was well into my 6th month, so my readers were surprised!

I’m incredibly excited about our newest arrival! Imagining that itty bitty newborn in my arms again makes my heart swell! I’m grateful for Disney Baby to be there for me to document this special time. Ever since I’ve started blogging with Disney Baby, many memories of Baby Z that may have been missed, have all be sweetly recorded here. I can’t wait to share my newest Disney Baby with you all!

  • Guess What?!

    Guess What?!

    I scored this adorable little word bubble chalkboard sign that I’ve used through my pregnancy to share which month I was currently in.

    I thought it would be sweet to continue with the theme for my pregnancy announcement.

  • I'm Preggo!

    I'm Preggo!

    Surprise! The right cropping on the first image helped leave a little mystery to my announcement.

    With my obviously pregnant belly and the help of an online photo editing site, I officially announced my pregnancy!

  • Arriving Soon!

    Arriving Soon!

    Since no due date is ever 100% accurate, I stuck with using the whole month of April as my due date. Babies are either early or late anyways, so I guess it’s pretty accurate after all.

    Meet my newest Disney Baby in April!

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