Attn. New Moms & Seasoned Moms: On Making Time to Eat Breakfast

‘They’ say it’s the most important meal of the day. I would have to agree. Especially for all of those new mamas out there who are nursing (or not), operating on little sleep and feeling pretty drained in general.

Food is medicine is something ‘they’ also say. Totally true. Real food that is. Time is the biggest factor keeping many of us new moms from eating the way we should and fuelling our bodies and brains up for each day ahead of us. Pre-babies, I sucked at breakfast.

Now? I’m a pro. An advocate. Do it. Eat breakfast. You’ll feel better, I promise.

A few of my favourite fresh starts that my little ones love to eat too!

  • Smoothie Train

    Everyday. I’m an ardent advocate on the benefits of having a daily smoothie, preferably to start your day or as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

    Find a simple smoothie recipe like this one, here

  • Things on Toast

    Things on Toast

    Which just means avocado on dark rye or eziekiel bread. Side fair trade, dark roast coffee, fruit smoothie and lots of water.

  • Green Juice & Things on Toast

    Green Juice & Things on Toast

    Almond butter and honey, yum. Side green juice made with kale, spinach, coconut water, flax oil, green apples, lemon juice.

  • Steel Cut Oats

    Steel Cut Oats

    I soak them over night or during the day and put them in the crock-pot with apples, maple syrup (a wee bit of the real stuff) and cinnamon overnight while I sleep. As shown here topped with chia seeds and hemp flakes with a side spinach, strawberry and coconut water blended juice.

  • Coconut Pancakes

    Coconut Pancakes

    Gluten free and the fluffiest suckers you ever did see. Side beet and carrot juice and lemon water. Always lots of lemon water.

  • Wait..What?!


    Okay, so this doesn’t belong here. Unless it’s Saturday or Sunday brunch we’re talkin’. But it’s Friday and 5pm will be here before you know it, with or without the vodka. Don’t judge the bunny straw, you know you want one.

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