Announcing Our Baby’s Name!

Pregnancy isn’t always the most fun or glamorous. There are aches, pains, stretch marks and sleepless nights…but that doesn’t mean it’s not all worth it. It really is and there are even some fun and magical moments along the way. One of my favorite parts of pregnancy? Coming up with a baby name. I’m the type of person who had a running list of baby names long before I was ever pregnant and the moment I saw that little plus sign on the pregnancy test, I was off and running, coming up with even more. This time around I’m pregnant with a boy and I found it was a little bit more difficult coming up with a name, but after a lot of thought, we came up with one that we think will be perfect for him and that we really enjoy. I even had some fun little customized brother and sister shirts made to make the announcement! Click through to find out the name!

  • Big Sister Fern

    Big Sister Fern

    This is our little lady’s name. She shares the name with her great grandmother and we love it!

  • Little Brother Clive

    Little Brother Clive

    We decided on the name Clive for our little man. It is the name of wonderful author and theologian C.S. Lewis and also has the added bonus of having nearly the same meaning as my husband’s name (Craig). We love that it’s simple and classic, while being uncommon and easy to spell. I think it’s a good name for him to grow into.

  • Fern + Clive

    Fern + Clive

    I love seeing Fern and Clive’s names written out together. I’ve already started making up “Fernie and Clive” stories at bed time to get her excited about the arrival of her little brother. Now to choose a middle name!

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