3 Things I Love About My Baby at 18 Months

Seeing someone grow right in front of my eyes is one of the most magical things I have ever experienced. Our son, Andres, will be turning 18 months this week. Sometimes I can’t help but get nostalgic looking at his baby pictures and wondering, how did our little baby start looking like a toddler? Here are a few things I’m loving about Andres at 18 months.


The way he makes me laugh. He does so many things throughout the day that make me crack up. The other day, we were listening to music and he started dancing like never before (doing turns and everything). He’s such a silly and sweet little boy, and I love him to pieces.

Learning new words. He picks up so many new words a day. It amazes me. He’s becoming a little chatterbox, and it’s so nice to be able to communicate with him.

Seeing his personality. His little personality is already shining through, including his love for being independent. He wants to climb and do so many things on his own (without the help of Mama).

What are some things you enjoy about your little ones at this stage? 

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