An Illustrated Guide to Our Baby’s First Words

Now that Judah is a year old, he’s just full of words! Well… some very close approximations of words and a couple that totally just leave us scratching our heads. It’s been amazing to watch him grow from sweet “coos” and “boos” from about four months old to his first word (baba) at six months to the first time he called us “Mama” and “Dada.” We’re looking forward to the “language explosion” developmental milestone that happens around eighteen months.

Until then, here’s a visual guide to all the words that Judah has right now. He’s got a lot to say already!

  • Judah's First Words

    Judah's First Words

    Judah as a lot to say – let’s take a peek!

  • "Baba!"

    Judah is not shy about letting you know when he’s hungry. We actually have to hide his cups from sight if it’s not time to eat, because he’ll start shouting “Baba! Baba!” until he gets it!

  • "Mama."

    Nothing makes me smile more than to hear my son call me “Mama.” We weren’t sure if he was really saying it or not for a few weeks when he was just about seven months old. Thanksgiving weekend, he shouted it loud and clear from his high chair: “MAMA!” There was no mistaking it then!

  • "Dada."

    Judah has a habit of saying “Dadadadadada…” and then trailing off to a whisper: “dada…” It’s just so sweet I can’t stand it.

  • "Up!"

    “Up” is the first, honest-to-goodness real word that Judah has said besides the “baby versions” of other words for Mom, Dad and bottle. Judah started saying “up!” just a couple of weeks ago, right before his first birthday. My favorite is when he opens and closes his hands while he says it for someone to pick him up.

  • "Dat!"

    Judah has been saying “dat!” for months now: every time one of our cats walks into the room, he’ll get excited and start pointing: “Dat! Dat! Dat!” Now that he’s mobile and crawling, he’s begun chasing after them, too!

  • "Dut!"

    One of Judah’s newest words and his favorite animal right now: “dut” is Judah-speak for “duck.” We’re still trying to teach him the hard C sound.

  • "Light!"

    Whether it’s a ceiling light, a table lamp or even a light switch on the wall, Judah loves to point at bright shiny things and say, “Lut! Lut!”

  • "Dis!"

    If it doesn’t have a word, it’s simply, “Dis!” Funny story: my husband use to say “Dat!” for “that” all the time as a baby!

  • "Lup!"

    At first we thought this was just Judah’s way of experimenting with the L sound and attaching it to “up” – but he says it all the time in a variety of situations, even when he doesn’t want to be picked up. No clue what he means by it and this one just might remain a mystery.

  • "Doot!"

    Sometimes I think “Doot!” is just Judah’s default word for a more complex set of emotions: “I’m happy, I’m enjoying this!” He also seems to say it a lot when he’s holding our TV’s remote control – my husband swears he’s actually saying “Do it!” when he points it at the TV. With how well he understands how remotes work in our house, I wouldn’t be surprised!

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