A Powerful Way for Dad to Bond with Baby in the Womb

When I was pregnant the first time around, my husband did the most adorable thing. He bought a collection of Curious George stories — which were some of his childhood favorites — and put it on his bedside table. Each night, he’d read a bedtime story to my belly.


Not only did it make me think he was even more wonderful (though the foot massages were the real kicker — you had to be a saint to touch the beasts that became my ankles), it made the baby think he was pretty amazing too. Yes, really.
Curious George costume

As soon as our son, Big, was born, he immediately knew Daddy’s voice. Hearing that sweet, deep sound was an instant comfort to him. And — amazingly enough — from the moment he could choose a book off the shelf, he went straight for Curious George. By the time he was willing to actually wear a Halloween costume, he wanted to be Curious George.

We couldn’t have been more surprised to discover the strong bonds that formed, long before Big was even born.

So if the daddy-to-be in your life is looking for a way to connect with Baby, find a book that you love.

Whatever you choose, enjoy creating a bond that will only get stronger once Daddy gets to hold that sweet baby in his arms.

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