4 Ingredients for a Great Afternoon Outside

For me, with three little ones, many days an afternoon outside is like balm for my mind and heart. It breathes life and refreshment at just the right moment. We pack everything we need, grab our stroller and head out. We head away from responsibilities for a few hours. We leave the phone in the bottom of the stroller and step away to clear our minds and soak in our little ones.

  • outside.

    4 Great Things for an Afternoon Outside

    Being a parent is a big job! And sometimes a day outside is just what you need. Here are four things that can make it great.
  • swing

    A Swing

    Swing your little one! Watch their face light up and their hair blow in the wind. Soak it in.

  • hammock.

    A Hammock

    If you have a bench or hammock in your backyard or at a nearby park, let your little one snuggle up next to you and tell them a story!

  • playtime

    Something New to Explore

    My kiddos have so much energy, and sometimes an afternoon at the park is just what they need to grow, learn, and explore in a new environment! It’s such a sweet time to show your baby new things as well.

  • walk

    Time to Walk

    Sometimes we don’t even play at the park or in the backyard, sometimes we just take a long family walk. It is such a sweet, peaceful time as a family to step away from the busyness of life for a few minutes!

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