An Activity Center to Love (On Sale!)

Bee was an early crawler, which meant she was an early stander, which meant she was an early everything-er and we were incredibly ill-prepared for the sheer amount of mobility that descended upon our home. She no longer wanted to sit and play in her swing — she wanted to jump and stand and make and do. And we were exhausted. Until…
disney baby minnie mouse activity center
At the recommendation of my mother-in-law, we invested in an activity center for Bee. To be honest, I was skeptical. Bee was fiercely independent and didn’t like to be held captive in any contraption (other than — on the rarest of occasions — her parents’ arms). But we gave it a shot and invested in an inexpensive activity center. And from that day forward, we were changed.
It’s an amazing device, this bounce-and-entertainer combo that offers music and bells and whistles and everything we thought Bee wouldn’t love. We gained our dinners back, no longer playing with Bee on one knee while we tried to feed ourselves with the other. We gained our independence back, no longer chasing Bee around the house without pause. I even gained my showers back, placing Bee in an activity center in our master bath as I watched her play from inside the steamy shower door, waving hello and smiling at her ability to entertain herself for minutes at a time.
We (and she!) loved it so much that we bought a second activity center to keep at my mother-in-law’s home for afternoon visits. And now that Bee’s walking and doesn’t use it quite as much for entertaining herself, it makes for a great impromptu high chair for dinner time.
The best news of all? The Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Premier Bounce and Bloom Activity Center is 20% off (starting this Friday through Oct 24th). With a spinning seat, electric piano and a grow-with-baby height adjustment, it’s a no-brainer purchase for wriggly babies in need of some entertaining, just like Bee. Whether you’re investing in your first or need to justify splurging on a second, you’re sure to save a bundle.Happy bouncing – your days just got a bit easier (and your baby a bit happier!). Enjoy!
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