Amazingly Cute Halloween Costumes You Can Create Right from Baby’s Closet

These sweet costumes are practical and cheap, using items you probably already have in your baby’s closet. A little creative imagination is all it takes to make adorable costumes out of what Baby already wears! Check out these 10 costume ideas, along with a few budget Halloween tips. 


halloween costumesNot-too-Scary Scarecrow

Pull out the flannel shirt and denim for this country classic! My son dressed like a scarecrow when he was a toddler. I looped gift-wrapping raffia around the sleeves, pant hem, and floppy hat, and then carefully safety pinned it from the inside to secure. 

Pretty as a Princess

Your little princess probably already has a tiny tutu in her closet. Pair it with tights, a pretty top, and sparkly shoes. Finalize the royal look by topping her head with a crown or a lovely bow! 

halloween costumesSilly Clown

Show off your little one’s funny personality as a silly clown that’s sure to make you laugh. Pull out the brightest and most fun patterns from his closet (no matching allowed!) and pair them together in a wild way.

Puppy Dog

Comfy fleece pants and a sweatshirt in a natural color like black, white, or brown are the ideal base for a puppy. Stitch or hot glue felt patches all over the outfit, including long puppy ears from the sides of a hat.

halloween costumesHome on the Range

Denim overalls, a checked shirt, and boots combine for the cutest cowboy or cowgirl on the ranch! Have him carry a few favorite farm animal stuffed animals.

Sweetly Spooky Witch

Bring out the all-black ensembles for this bewitching costume. Accents in orange and purple pair up well with black, so take a look in the closet at hats, leggings, shoes and belts that would coordinate. 

Bubble Bath Bound

Baby always looks precious fresh out of the bath, so why not make a costume out of it? Time to make use of that Baby bathrobe! Wrap her in the terrycloth robe, place a shower cap on her head, and hand her a rubber ducky. Bring on the bubbles!

Fall Festival

Dress Baby in autumnal tones like orange, brown, gold, and cream. Sew or glue together silk fall leaves into a crown and Baby will be the belle of the pumpkin festival. A beanie that looks like a pumpkin is a perfect substitute.

halloween costumesMickey Mouse

My 2-year-old dressed as Mickey in this costume that went together so quickly. A black tee, leggings and red shorts were already in his closet. I sewed on big white buttons and made the hood with padded Mouse ears.

halloween costumesMinnie Mouse

This was my baby girl’s first Halloween costume! I paired black tights with a red tutu as the base. I used fabric paint to make the dots on a red tee and topped her head with a Mouse Ears beanie. She even wore it to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World.

Budget Halloween Costume Tips:

  • Skip the full-painted face (unless you want make-up on everything!) If Baby’s costume requires a little face paint, use it sparingly. When drawing a triangle on the nose for a scarecrow or cheek whiskers for a cat, use a waterproof black eyeliner pencil. This make-up will be more resistant to smudging.
  • Patterned and solid print leggings can build many creative costumes. Wild animal costumes only require the patterned leggings along with a solid color top and a simply made headband or beanie to complete the look. Think leopard, zebra, or tiger. And for solid prints consider an adorable bear or skunk.
  • Don’t have it in the closet? Try looking at the local baby resale shop for the pieces you need before purchasing new.
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