Amani’s Summer Out as a Newborn

Summer was just a few weeks away when I gave birth to Amani on May 7th. I knew it was going to be a very laid-back summer as I took time for my postpartum recovery. I was looking forward to easygoing outings with my daughters that were both fun for them but simple enough for me to handle with my now four children! We took short and manageable trips that included a lot of sweet “firsts” for Amani.

  • At the Zoo

    At the Zoo

    Amani’s first trip to the zoo! I was so excited to introduce her to my favorite animal ever, giraffes! Though she seemed to be quite more interested in her hands instead.

    This will surely be the first of many more zoo giraffe selfies.

  • More at the Zoo

    More at the Zoo

    Amani, meet Timon!

    Amani really did enjoy the meerkat exhibit. Those little guys were running and popping up all over the place. It was cute to see her try to follow along.

  • At the Aquarium

    At the Aquarium

    Amani found Nemo!

    The aquarium really captivated Amani. The slow moving fish, the bright colors, and the general calming effect of the water really won her over.

  • At the Park

    At the Park

    Amani meets up with her first baby friend, Sophia, for their first ever park play date! My fellow blogging friend, Nida and I meet up regularly for play dates. This was the first one including our sweet new additions!

  • At the Beach

    At the Beach

    I know, I know… you’re expecting Amani in a swimsuit, right? Well, we weren’t planning on going to the beach that day. It turned out to be a very spontaneous pit stop. One of the perks of living in California is that there’s always a beach close by!

    Prepared or not, my older girls happily splashed in the waves as Amani and I took in the beauty and vastness of the Pacific ocean.

  • Strawberry Picking

    Strawberry Picking

    Right after that spontaneous trip to the beach, we stopped by for another spontaneous venture… strawberry picking!

    I filled up our crate with as many delicious, sweet strawberries I could get my hands on. Amani soaked it all in as she watched all the action while in her baby carrier.

    What makes this trip sweeter is that it was both Amani and I’s first time strawberry picking. Strawberries being my favorite fruit only sweetens the day even more.

What types of outings did you take with your newborn?

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