Amani’s First Lovey

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and giving me a Dumbo plush for free.

Let’s be honest: I love giraffes. Absolutely adore them. Ever since my oldest was a baby, almost eight years ago, I’ve always introduced a stuffed giraffe as their first lovey. You know, just until they can form their own opinions about which animal is their favorite. With Amani being my first ever DisneyBaby from birth, it only felt right that we introduce her to the magic of a Disney lovey first.


Sweet as can be, baby of mine! I loved receiving a sweet Dumbo plush in a surprise happy mail package along with some other adorable Dumbo goodies. Amani, meet Dumbo! She seriously loved it. She began grabbing at it and wrapped her arms around it when I placed it in her lap. Then she did what she’s been doing with everything lately — she grabbed Dumbo’s wonderful big ears and shoved them in her mouth. Teething, maybe?

Amani and her Dumbo have been the best of friends. She cuddles with him in the car, stares at him intently during tummy time, and continues to gnaw on those soft, floppy ears.

While Dumbo may not be a giraffe, they are part of the same circus… and that’s okay by me.

Which Disney Lovey did you first introduce to your baby?

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