What Did You ALMOST Name Your Baby?

My daughter’s name, Molly, fits her perfectly. I can’t imagine her having a different name any more than I can imagine her having a different personality. She’s just a Molly. It fits.

But the 3-year-old who’s a perfect Molly was this close to being a Margo. It’s funny when I think about it now: Instead of calling for Molly to come downstairs for lunch or telling Molly that it’s time to put away her toys, I could be talking to Margo.

Margo, let’s put those shoes on the right feet, honey.

Margo, sweetie, you’re such a good girl.

Margo? Do we have to watch Dora again?

It’s just… weird.

I’m not the only one with a child who was almost named something else. Some of the other Disney Baby bloggers have children with “almost names” of their own.

They’re sharing their baby name stories with us. How about you? Does your baby have an “almost name” too? Tell us in the comments!

  • River

    Almost Ophelia

    Arianne’s daughter River was almost named Ophelia.

    “We didn’t find out the gender of the baby so my 4-year-old decided he wanted to name the baby ‘Fifi’ whether the baby was a boy or a girl. The name Fifi stuck so well, we almost named our daughter Ophelia because of it (Fifi is short for Ophelia). In the end her name River was just her name. No denying it, almost like the name found her, instead of us finding the name.”

  • Almost Blythe

    Almost Blythe

    Janssen’s baby’s “almost name” has a funny story.

    I loved the name “Blythe” for a girl (and still do), but my husband absolutely could not be convinced because 1) it was too much like naming our child after Gilbert Blythe from ‘Anne of Green Gables’ (I won’t pretend that wasn’t a selling point for me) and 2) he doesn’t like names with the same beginning letter for first and last names (even though HE has a first and last name that both start with B). So I’ve shed some little tears for the name I love and will never get to use, and we moved on to other names we could both agree on.”

  • Fern

    Almost Harper

    Lauren changed her mind about a long-loved name because of its sudden popularity.

    “So, my baby’s name is Fern Winter, but her ‘almost name’ was Harper James. I had loved the name Harper for years (chosen for Harper Lee – author of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’), but by the time I became pregnant it had become so popular – especially with David and Victoria Beckham naming their daughter Harper – that I was over it."

  • Henry or Beck?

    Almost Henry

    Melanie’s fears about the growing popularity of a name influenced her choice as well.

    [His name is] Beck but it was almost Henry. I had loved that name for a few years, but then I read an article about how it was supposed to skyrocket this year to probably the top 10, and that veered me away from it. Now of course I can’t imagine it any different.”

  • Bennett

    Almost Beckett

    This is my son Bennett, who was nearly Beckett. We went back and forth over this issue for months and loved both names, but felt that Bennett was a better fit. Now I cannot imagine him being anything but Bennett! It truly captures his personality.

  • Cadence

    Always Cadence

    Becka always knew what she was going to name her son. She was almost named something else…and it has a decidedly Disney ring to it.

    “We actually had our son’s name picked out since before we were even married so he was always a Cadence. But I was almost an Ariel.”

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