Ahoy, Baby! DIY Life Preserver Decoration

While Judah celebrated his first birthday this past Monday, the big first birthday party is this weekend and I am in full crafting mode! Since we’re throwing Judah a nautical-themed first birthday party, we want the decor to reflect the theme. One of the many ideas and inspiration I was drawn to was a simple life preserver. It’s such a great decor item for a birthday party, baby shower or even a nautical-themed nursery.

With just a few supplies and a solid 45 minutes, I had made my own for a fraction of the cost of buying a “real” decorative life preserver. Click on through to see how I did it… and how you can too!

  • Set Sail for Cute Decor

    Set Sail for Cute Decor

    Whether you’ve got a nautical-themed baby shower, nursery or first birthday party on the horizon, this easy-to-make DIY life preserver is a cute addition to any seaside inspired event or room!

  • Your Supplies

    Your Supplies

    You’ll need a floral wreath, scissors, white duct tape, and red or blue ribbon. I used a 12″ diameter wreath almost 2″ thick around as well as red braided paper ribbon.

  • Getting Started

    Getting Started

    Cut or tear sections of your duct tape into strips long enough to wrap once around the wreath. Starting from the back of your wreath, pull tightly as you go, smoothing out any wrinkles. Repeat this step anywhere from 30-40 times, depending on the width of your tape, wreath, and how far apart you space each tape wrap.

  • Halfway Finished!

    Halfway Finished!

    Almost done. This is definitely the most tedious part of the project. It took me a few tape wraps to find a rhythm and spacing that worked; I spaced each wrap about a half inch apart.

  • Tape Wrap Complete!

    Tape Wrap Complete!

    The hardest part is done! Now, onto making your tape-covered wreath look perfectly nautical.

  • Ribbon Accents

    Ribbon Accents

    First, I cut four pieces of ribbon about two arm lengths long. I wrapped a ribbon loop around once and taped it in place with the duct tape so I knew it wouldn’t go anywhere as I wrapped it around the wreath.

  • Red Ribbon Wrap Complete

    Red Ribbon Wrap Complete

    After I did my first set of ribbon wraps, I counted the number of rows I made. This was helpful as I made each wrap, knowing when to stop and trim the extra ribbon.

  • Tape Up Loose Ends

    Tape Up Loose Ends

    Once everything was tightly wrapped into place, I put another few pieces of duct tape over the ribbon to secure them in place. (In case you can’t tell, the back of my life preserver wasn’t pretty at all!)

  • Ahoy! The Finished Product

    Ahoy! The Finished Product

    I had a few roles of jute in my craft bin, so I added two dainty little loops in the middle of each red ribbon wrap and then added a loop at the top to easily hang it on our front door. All told? About 45 minutes from start to finish and ~$15 for all the supplies!

  • Captain's Inspection

    Captain's Inspection

    Judah takes one final look over my work – and he seems to approve! I can’t wait to hang this up on our front door this weekend to greet our guests at his birthday party!

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