Adventures with Lola: Visiting the Christmas Tree Farm

The other weekend, we loaded up in a van and headed to a Christmas tree farm. Even the grandparents and great grammy all joined us.

It was my first trip to one in years, and the first time either of my children had gone to one. For all of their lives, we have always had an artificial Christmas tree. As a result, we have never engaged in an annual “Christmas tree hunt” despite always wondering what Christmas feels like with a real tree. For us, the Christmas tree farm was a magical place. The smell of pine filled the air, and together we frolicked up and down aisles of trees picking out our favorites. Take a look at a few photos from our visit to the Christmas tree farm.

  • Adventures with Lola: Visiting the Christmas Tree Farm

    Adventures with Lola: Visiting the Christmas Tree Farm

    Our fun evening adventure at the Christmas tree farm!

  • Being silly

    Being silly

    A silly family photo. At times I wonder what Lola will think when she looks back at pictures like these. I hope it reminds her of the importance of laughter.

  • Trees everywhere

    Trees everywhere

    Look at Lola’s eyes! They are so big and bright. I loved watching her take in her surroundings.

  • Choo choo

    Choo choo

    (Perhaps my 20th attempt at this picture) A quick ride on the choo choo train with daddy and big sister.

  • Little trees

    Little trees

    I loved taking Lola to see the small trees that were her size. She looked so cute standing next to them.

  • Mother and daughters

    Mother and daughters

    As a mama I had so much fun getting to experience such a simple joy with my girls.

  • Pine fingers

    Pine fingers

    Lola touching pine for the first time. While there we also waked around and looked at the animals (most of them were sleeping!).

Next year just might be the year when we decide to get a real tree. This time, however, we settled for some mistletoe and a few sweet treats from the farm’s store.

Our adventure with Lola at the Christmas tree farm was definitely a reminder of how fun something as simple as going to look at trees can be. At her age, so many things are magical and exciting. They present a chance for her to learn more about the world around her and an opportunity for us to make more special memories as a family.

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