Adventures with Lola: Our Final Summer Adventures

It has been awhile since I shared an “Adventures with Lola” post. We’ve still been having them, but I’ve been making more of an effort of living them as opposed to being worried about whether or not we’ve got pictures. I remind myself that while my children will love to see photos, they will also love the stories. And then of course, there’s that thing called time often passing before you know it. As excited as I am for sweater weather, I still can’t believe that fall is here. Gone are the days of summer, but here to stay are the memories I made with my children during what was my very first, and very likely last, entire summer with my babies.

  • Adventures With Lola Our Final Summer Adventures

    Adventures With Lola Our Final Summer Adventures

    Take a look at photos from a few of our final adventures of the summer.

  • Dr. Lola

    Dr. Lola

    A visit to Pretend City allowed for some dramatic play and exploring.

  • The Soda Shoppe

    The Soda Shoppe

    Sometimes the best adventures are the local ones. An afternoon trip to the soda shoppe presented Lola with a chance to enjoy some ice cream.

  • Food Truck Fun

    Food Truck Fun

    An evening spent eating and baby wearing. Quite a combo if you ask me.

  • Exploring


    An afternoon exploring old trains at the Travel Town Museum. We even rode a mini train. Choo choo!

  • Froyo Face

    Froyo Face

    Savoring frozen yogurt is always a fun adventure! At least I would like to think Lola thought so.

  • Olvera St.

    Olvera St.

    A sunny day spent in Los Angeles walking around the historic Olvera St. Lola loved listing to the music and watching the dancers.

  • A Picnic

    A Picnic

    A picnic in the park was one of our favorite summer pastimes.

  • A Zoo Date

    A Zoo Date

    A trip to the zoo with my two loves was so much fun, especially when we stumbled upon the water misters.

  •  La la la

    La la la

    Lola loves music so an outdoor concert turned out to be a blast for her and her big sister.

  • Visiting the Aquarium

    Visiting the Aquarium

    One of my favorite adventures was our trip to the aquarium with nana. There was so much for my little one to see and I loved watching her eyes grow wide as she looked at the different sea animals.

  • Indoor Camping

    Indoor Camping

    And then there are the adventures that you don’t even have to leave the house to partake in. Perhaps the most memorable of them all.

Summer was a lot of fun, but I am hoping to slow down a little in this new season. There will still be adventures of course, but not quite so many.

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