Adventures with Lola: Back at the Happiest Place on Earth

This month in celebration of my 30th birthday we headed to the Happiest Place on Earth. Days at Disneyland are some of the fondest memories from my childhood. We’d get to the park as early as possible and stay well into the evening, sometimes until closing. We were on a mission to experience as much of the Disney magic as we could. Back then, I wore a sailor hat embroidered with that classic gold thread. For the past several years, however, I’ve opted for sparkly mouse ears.

As I’ve grown, my Disney side has also evolved — becoming the best it had ever been when I became a mother. See, as magical as Disneyland was when I was a little girl, seeing it through the eyes of my children has been the most wonderful experience. Today, Disneyland is even better than I remember it.


This past trip was my most favorite trip since Lola was born. We had been a couple times before, but this was our first time going with just the four of us. Here are a few photos from our latest adventure at Disneyland and California Adventure, plus a few tips.

  • Adventures with Lola Back at the Happiest Place on Earth

    Adventures with Lola Back at the Happiest Place on Earth

    Click through for photos from Lola’s most recent trip to Disneyland and California Adventure!

  • We're here!

    We're here!

    Were here! But first — breakfast. Even waiting in line to order breakfast was exciting. Clearly Lola could tell our day was going to be a special day. (Tip: If you’re anything like me you become very cranky when you haven’t eaten. As tempting as it is to get to those rides and attractions before the park gets crowded remember that self care still rules, even at Disneyland. So in the midst of feeding your little one make sure you eat and drink too!)

  • Time for a show

    Time for a show

    This was Lola’s second time seeing the Disney Junior Live on Stage show and she loved it! One of my fondest memories was watching her call out to princess Sophia as if they were longtime friends — “Fia. Fia!” (Tip: Consider starting your day with a show. After eating this was the first thing we did. The show was less crowded than when we went to a later show which meant we were able to sit comfortably and easily see the performance.)

  • After the show

    After the show

    Leaving the show with some goodies in tow.

  • Playing with two of her favorites

    Playing with two of her favorites

    My husband likes to get souvenirs at the end of the day but the kid in me can’t ever wait. So we took Lola and let her pick out something and of course she couldn’t wait to play with it. (Tip: If you can’t wait like me consider getting something that is small enough to fit in your diaper bag or stroller. Navigating a busy park is much easier when the only thing in your arms is your little one and a churro:)

  • At California Adventure

    At California Adventure

    I love California Adventure, especially with a little one. There is plenty for her to do and the lines aren’t too long. We got on the Little Mermaid ride right away. (Tip: Throughout the day were several rides that Lola couldn’t get on. Disney offers ride swap passes which are great for this; however, we used this time for diaper changes, snacking and souvenir shopping. That way we could go on the baby friendly rides as a family.)

  • Picture time

    Picture time

    Sometimes you’ll be having so much fun that you forget to take a picture with your babies rather than just taking them of your babies. This photo is one of my favorites. It accurately documents the joy I felt on this day being there with my family. (Tip: Mouse ears are quite becoming! Everyone looks great in them! Also, don’t be afraid to ask a stranger to snap a picture of you and your entire family. We got one photo of the four of us that day and I will cherish it for always. Most people are just as excited to be at Disneyland and will happily help out. Just be sure to pay it forward!)

  • Naptime


    At Disneyland naptime (still) equals ride time. When Lola took a nap we decided to take a train ride. I held her in my arms and we all took a trip around the park.

  • At Minnie's House

    At Minnie's House

    Lola adores Miss Minnie and had never been to her house. It’s a must see for little ones.

  • So much to see

    So much to see

    The great thing about Minnie’s house is that everything is sized perfectly for smaller children. Lola loved touching and exploring and a lot of things are interactive. We’re fans of the dishwasher and oven. Not to mention, the cheese! There are so many choices. (Tip: Toon Town is a great place for little ones. Lola had a chance to play and discover while I was close by. It’s a great area to let your little one out of the stroller so they can stretch those cute and chubby baby legs.)

  • Still going strong!

    Still going strong!

    We spent our entire day at Disneyland and all four of us had fun. Since Lola napped, stayed hydrated and had plenty to eat come nighttime she was still all smiles. (Tip: Dress baby in layers and bring clothing that is easy to put on and take off. When it got cooler we simply put on Lola’s leggings and a light jacket. We packed her coat just in case and had a blanket, which we used when she fell asleep right before the World of Colors show.)

  • Our Adventure

    To say that this was my happiest birthday yet would be an understatement. I had so much fun. Going with just the four of us removed the pressure of trying to appease everyone. We got to pick and choose what we wanted to do and weren’t worried about trying to pack as much as we could in our day. We strolled around, posed for silhouettes, sat and paused for a few moments when we wanted to and enjoyed being together in what continues to be a magical place. We didn’t take any character photos this time but fortunately got to during our last visit. (Tip: Don’t forget about the Baby Care Centers. We always make at least one stop there when we go to Disneyland.)

    Learn more about the baby care center here.

You can see photos from Lola’s previous Disney adventures here and here.

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