Adventures with Lola: An Afternoon at the Pumpkin Patch

The other weekend we headed to the farm to pick out pumpkins. Last year when we went Lola was only a couple months old but this time was different. This year she wasn’t just an observer but an active participant in our family outing and watching her standing amidst a sea of pumpkins was one of my favorite memories about the trip. The pumpkin patch provided Lola with lots of things to see, smell and touch from the animals, to the kettle corn cooking to the hay and mini pumpkins. There was so much to take in for her and for me as I watched her stare and squeal with excitement throughout our trip. Here are a few photos from our Pumpkin Patch adventure!

  • Adventures with Lola

    Adventures with Lola

    Take a look at a few photos from Lola’s trip to the pumpkin patch!

  • Excited


    This is Lola once she realized just how many pumpkins there were. Out of nowhere she became so excited! Pumpkins everywhere!!

  • Family photo

    Family photo

    A family photo of us before the pig races started (Yes! Pig races.). So glad these three are mine.

  • It’s almost time

    It’s almost time

    None of us had ever been to a pig race before. It was fun to watch but even more fun was watching the various facial expressions that graced my baby’s face.

  • Yum


    Something tells me this little one is going to love eating all things pumpkin just like her mama. I had to explain to her that she couldn’t eat the stem! Luckily I had some of her snacks on hand.

  • Sunflowers


    Lola and her big sister make two very cute sunflowers!

  • Sitting in the pumpkin patch

    Sitting in the pumpkin patch

    Here she is deciding that perhaps straw is more fun to play with than the pumpkins.

  • My pumpkin

    My pumpkin

    Standing in a sea of future carriages (Remember Cinderella?!) .

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