Adventures With Lola: An Afternoon at the Pool

A few weeks ago we packed up some must have items and took Lola swimming for the first time. I will never forget the uncertainty that graced her face as we sat her in her float. She looked at me and at her daddy, who stood in the water beside her, and after a few moments her feet began wiggling and her hands splashing the water. It appeared that she had come to the conclusion that this was even more fun than her little bathtub. Although this was her first time at the pool I’m thinking I’ve got a little mermaid of my own on my hands. With summer’s arrival I’m hoping to spend more days in the sunshine watching my baby girl swishing around in the water. Take a look at some photos from Lola’s poolside adventure:

  • Adventures with Lola: An Afternoon at the Pool

    Adventures with Lola: An Afternoon at the Pool

    Click through for photos from Lola’s very first time in the pool!

  • Relaxing


    Here’s Lola, relaxing (and smiling) in big sister’s arms.

  • Observing


    Here she is later, taking in her surroundings from the safe place of her daddy’s arms. Since it was her first time by a pool there was a lot to take in.

  • A little shade

    A little shade

    For a majority of her time in the pool we had her wear her hat for a little sun protection.

  • All wet!

    All wet!

    Lola’s face was quite wet from all of the splashing she did.

  • Thirsty!


    Lola kept trying to drink the water and to her it was the funniest thing ever. The pool was saltwater but we still wanted her to learn that pools are for splashing not sipping. We made sure we had Lola’s sippy cup on hand to help her quench her thirst.

  • My sunshine

    My sunshine

    Lola had so much fun at the pool! The water allowed her to engage in some sensory play and she enjoyed watching her big sister, (play) cousins and all of the other children laughing and giggling in the pool.

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