Adventures with First Foods

We just started Macks on solids at the beginning of the month. At six months, I thought he was really ready for solids. He was always reaching for my food and trying to put it in his mouth, and he took a huge interest when he would sit with us at the table during dinnertime. 

I decided on avocado on his first food, because it’s a nutritious food with good texture. It’s super easy to make because there is absolutely no cooking involved. Just mash and go.

I was so excited to feed him for the first time just so I could get a look at the expressions that he makes on that very first taste. Much to my surprise, he was not excited about it at all. As soon as he put it in his mouth, he immediately spit it out. It didn’t go much better as the meal went on. He gagged a few times because of the taste and texture in his mouth.


After a couple meals of avocado, I decided to go with some banana and figured he would love it because of the sweet taste. And again, much to my surprise, he didn’t like the taste at all. We’ve tried several fruits and vegetables over the last month, and he hasn’t liked any of them. This is all new to me, because my girls took on solids food well.

I know that solids aren’t hugely important during the first year because he gets most of his nutrients when I nurse him, but I would like him to seem a little bit more excited about starting solids.

Did you have a little one who took more time than you thought for solids?

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