Adventures in Solid Food

When my sister (named Nicole) was a baby, my parents called her “Nicholangelo” for the way she liked to paint with her food. She’s always been a picky eater — straight from the womb — and it seems that she passed on that genetic quirk.

I present you with my nephew Benjamin, in Adventures in Solid Food: Playtime Edition

  • What, This?

    What, This?

    Did you want me to eat this?

  • Aw Shucks, Ma

    Aw Shucks, Ma

    Don’t be mad. I can clean up real nice. (The rag is right over there.)

  • HeHeHe...


    Oh, c’mon! Funny! It’s funny!

  • Just Call Me BENbrandt.

    Just Call Me BENbrandt.

    I’m just like you, Nicolangelo.

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