Adventures in Naptime!

Now that Judah is 6 months old, he’s slowly but surely getting into a bit of a routine each day. We’ve been incredibly lucky that our baby has been sleeping through the night since he was about 3-1/2 months old.

We’ve wondered just how long should baby be sleeping, and most parenting websites say anywhere from 14 to 16 hours (including nighttime sleep). At this age, our baby naps at least four hours a day: how he breaks that up really depends on him and the day. Some days he’ll take two long naps (yay!) and other days it’s lots of twenty-minute catnaps (not so yay).

The amazing thing is… Judah will nap just about anywhere – except for the ONE spot we really need him to nap. Click through to see all of our adventures in naptime… and can you help us with our naptime dilemma?

  • Napping on His Own Terms

    Napping on His Own Terms

    Our baby is a great sleeper: he sleeps through the night, he naps during the day. In fact, he’ll nap just about anywhere as you can see…

  • He Naps on Dad

    He Naps on Dad

    Cuddles with dad? No problem. In fact, it’s one of my husband’s favorite things when he comes home from work, when Judah gives him a serious case of the snuggles!

  • He Naps on His Mat

    He Naps on His Mat

    Judah loves to roll around on his playmat. Sometimes he just tuckers himself out; I’ll be writing and all of a sudden, it’s quiet. Too quiet. And there he is, just taking a little snooze on the floor!

  • He Naps on the Go

    He Naps on the Go

    I wear Judah almost daily in his carrier and especially when we go out. If we time it right, he just might sneak in a nap while we’re out and about. I can usually tell when I stop feeling wiggles and feel like I’m suddenly carrying a small bag of potatoes.

  • He Naps While He Eats

    He Naps While He Eats

    This photo is a rarity: usually, he’s wide awake when I give him a bottle. But if he’s nursing, I’m convinced he just sleep-eats the whole time.

  • He Naps in the Car

    He Naps in the Car

    Judah has a love/hate relationship with the carseat. When he wants out, he will let you know! Most times, if I’m going on a drive longer than 15-20 minutes, he’ll zonk out for at least 10-15 minutes.

  • He Naps on My Lap

    He Naps on My Lap

    This is one of those post-nursing sleep-eat sessions. Sometimes he’ll just drift right off to sleep after a hearty meal. And when we does, sometimes he gets settled in these funny positions, where it looks like he’s playing an imaginary trombone!

  • ...But He WON'T Nap in His Crib!

    ...But He WON'T Nap in His Crib!

    Judah sleeps like a champ in his crib at night. We have no issues putting him down for the night. But trying to put him in his crib for a nap is next to impossible. We try putting him down once he’s already asleep and BAM! Eyes open and the tears and crying start. He’ll nap just about anywhere… but he just won’t nap in his crib.

    How did you get your baby to take a nap in their crib? What tips and tricks should we be trying?

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