7 Sweet Ways to Add Disney Magic to Your Family Photos

Before you schedule your family photos this year, think about the memorable shots you could get if you incorporate a bit of Disney magic. From clothing that has Disney touches, to ordering Mouse ear hats or even just sneaking in a “hidden Mickey” or two, there are some very sweet ways to add magic to your memories. Read on for 7 delightful ideas to include Disney in your family photographs.

Give Just a Subtle Hint

An easy way to incorporate Disney is in the accessories. Choose one subtle item for each family member to wear for the photo shoot. Ideas could include a polka dot hair bow like Minnie Mouse or orange and black Tigger-striped socks that peek out from underneath pant legs. I have a vintage scarf with Mickey faces on it that is a chic accessory with true Disney flair.

Use a Toy as a Prop

I have a cherished Winnie the Pooh Bear plush from my first Disneyland trip when I was a baby. Consider using a favorite or beloved stuffed animal as a prop in your family photos. There’s nothing much cuter than a baby snuggling with a stuffed Mickey, right? Especially when Mickey and Baby are nearly the same size!

DisneyBound as Your Favorite Character


Not full-out costume, DisneyBounding is an understated way of interpreting favorite Disney characters with your outfit. For instance, Snow White is recognized for her blue and yellow dress and red hair bow. You can recreate Snow White’s look using regular clothing from your closet in the same color scheme. Cute and not a costume! Think of your favorite Disney movie and see if you could recreate each character’s look for the members of your family. Dressing your baby boy in a blue shirt with a red bow tie like Donald Duck would be precious!

Add a Hidden Mickey

An amusing way of adding in Disney magic is through the “hidden Mickey,” using items to create Mickey’s classic head silhouette. Family photo on the beach? Draw a small Mickey in the sand near your feet!

Put on Mouse Ears

Did you know that you don’t even have to step in a Disney Park to acquire your own set of mouse ears? You can order ear hats online from Disney Store. Wearing these bold accessories as a group in your photos really shows your true love of Disney!

Wear a Classic T-Shirt

As soon as I found out I was having a girl, I bought a precious pink Minnie Mouse tee. We each have a classic Mickey or Minnie t-shirt in our closet so it makes for a great thematic photograph, having us all wearing our favorite Disney tee.

Dress the Baby in Costume

Having the baby in a Disney costume or accessories and everyone else in the group dressed to complement it is a precious idea. Dress Baby up with Tinker Bell wings or Woody’s cowboy boots for a photo memory that you’ll cherish.

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