Add a Touch of Disney to Your Baby Shower with These 8 Ideas

Welcoming a new little character to the family is always fun to celebrate. And when it comes to baby showers, there are so many great ways to include do-it-yourself projects in your decor.

From invitations to snacks, here are 8 easy DIY baby shower ideas inspired by my favorite Disney characters!

Winnie the Pooh

Throw a picnic-themed baby shower, perfect for the Hundred Acre Wood (above). Gingham picnic blankets pair well with sandwiches and vegetables from Rabbit’s Garden. Winnie the Pooh ears make everyone feel like a silly ol’ bear.

And don’t forget lots and lots of honey! You can serve woodsy snacks in DIY honey pots. Paint flowerpots in bright colors. Then allow gold paint to cover the rim and drip down the pots.

Peter Pan and the Lost Boys

A Peter Pan and the Lost Boys shower will be an awfully big adventure! The Lost Boys wore animal costumes, and so can your guests. If full costumes aren’t desired, try animal masks or headbands.

You’ll want treasure map invitations and chocolate gold coins for pirates to enjoy. Decorate with feathers and lots of pixie dust.

Beauty and the Beast

Invite everyone to be your guest at a Beauty and the Beast-themed baby shower. Mrs. Potts will happily serve tea to your partygoers at golden tables decorated with red roses.

Belle was known throughout her village for always having her nose in a book. Start your little princess off with a library of her own by requesting each guest bring a special storybook.

Once guests have arrived, they can enjoy the grey stuff. It’s delicious!


The guest of honor might enjoy starting her little fashionista off with a shoe collection that Cinderella would drool over — so bring a pair of glass slippers or even a pair of sneakers for Her Majesty.

Just like the fairy godmother, turn pumpkins into centerpieces by carving and arranging bouquets inside.


Have sweet blue birds hold your party banners. And perhaps the mice might have brought spools of string, ribbon, and pearls to further dress the tables!

Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney knew it all started with a mouse, and the iconic Mickey shape is a great springboard for party planning. Styrofoam balls in two sizes (one large and two smaller) can be spray painted black and set into position with barbecue skewers to make Mickey-shaped centerpieces.

Guests will say “Oh toodles” when they see fruit and sandwiches cut with a Mickey cookie cutter.

Alice in Wonderland

Looking for a topsy-turvy tea party? An Alice in Wonderland theme is just the thing. In addition to tea fare, try marshmallow pops topped with red roses (made with candy melts and a rose melt). Overfill the molds so the chocolate appears to be dripping paint.

A deck of cards makes for an inexpensive garland. You can also provide a fancy hat for each guest as he/she sits at a table set with mismatched place settings.


The lullaby “Baby of Mine” is sung at such a sweet moment between Dumbo and his mother. The darling moment can be captured in a baby shower featuring vintage circus elements. Rather than the traditional red, opt for a circus color palette that’s a bit softer.

Guests will need a circus ticket-style invite to the fun and games. Make treats topped with mouse-mallow frosting and serve peanuts in honor of the new little peanut. Make a train car out of painted wood crates and attach wood wheels for a treat display. Don’t forget a stork at the front door that tells the new mama “Straight from heaven up above, here’s a baby for you to love.”

Lion King

If you’re welcoming the king of the jungle, try a Lion King themed shower. Decorate with all your favorite animal prints and stuffed animals. Inexpensive plastic animal figures can serve as decoration. To add a DIY twist, try spray painting them all gold.

Although Pumba loved eating bugs, your guests would probably prefer a “mud bath” or a chocolate fondue fountain.

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