Add Glitter & Confetti to Your Baby’s Nursery with the New Disney Paint Collection

Have you ever wished you could add a touch of magic to your baby’s nursery? Perhaps the paint looks a tad flat, or maybe you just haven’t found that right design for you. Disney has partnered with Glidden paint and they’ve created a line of paints that are quite innovative and offer specialty finishes. Glitter and confetti can be added to your current walls as they are clear-coats that can be used on just about any wall. Another fun tidbit – the paint colors are designed to coordinate with Disney bedding products (kids and nursery).


There are 112 exclusive colors that are grouped into three separate palettes as well as a collection of specialty finishes (my personal favorite!)

  • All That Glitters

    All That Glitters

    If you are looking to add a touch of sparkle to your nursery, this clear topcoat can be applied on any surface or color to provide a touch of shimmer.

  • Great Slate

    Great Slate

    Think chalkboard paint only comes in black? Not anymore! Great Slate is available in ready-to-use black or can be mixed to create a variety of colors like red, green, blue or orange!

  • Speck-Tacular


    Confetti = fun and this clear specialty finish will add that sparkling confetti look to just about any wall.

  • Ready, Set, Glow!

    Ready, Set, Glow!

    You can paint everything from a galaxy of stars to a fairy forest on the walls of your baby’s bedroom with this super cool translucent yellow, glow in the dark paint!

  • Magnificent Metallic

    Magnificent Metallic

    You can tint this metallic paint to 24 unique colors to create your own individual look. I’m thinking Cars for the boys and silver and gold crowns for the girls…

  • Candy Stripes

    Candy Stripes

    Striped walls are such a classic look. This is an adorable idea that can be used for a boy’s or girl’s nursery!

  • Sleep In Space

    Sleep In Space

    A variety of paint stencils can be used to create just about any look. You can paint white over blue like this bedroom, or consider adding a glow in the dark paint for a ‘wow’ factor.

  • Polka-Dot Princess

    Polka-Dot Princess

    Polka dots make everything better, even the walls of your baby girl’s room! Look closely and you’ll see the All That Glitters Paint sparkling through.

  • Chalk-It-Up


    Chalkboard paint can be used in a multitude of different ways. In a nursery in a block as a ‘fun space’, in your kitchen as a reusable to-do list or in your family room as a place to encourage kids and adults to draw on the walls!

  • Metallic Lightening

    Metallic Lightening

    This is a great example of the Magnificent Metallic paint at work. If you look closely at the lightening bolt on the wall you’ll notice its metallic sheen. This paint can be tinted with just about any color so don’t think you are limited to silver!

  • Monsters University

    Monsters University

    No need to be scared of bright and neon colors! This is a great example of how those can work well for a child’s room decor.

  • Groovy Glow In The Dark

    Groovy Glow In The Dark

    I don’t think I would recommend the eyes for a baby’s nursery, but this room shows how Disney’s new “Ready, Set, Glow!” paint can be used to add a little something more to bedtime. Mini stars, the moon or perhaps a solar system piece would look great in a nursery!

  • Tinker Bell's Hide-Out

    Tinker Bell's Hide-Out

    This? Is genius! They’ve taken a closet and turned it into Tinker Bell’s very own hide-out by using a paint in a different color and adding curtains, subtle fairy and butterfly stencils and sparkly paint.

  • Multi-Coloured Chalkboard

    Multi-Coloured Chalkboard

    Chalkboards aren’t always black. Check out the cool red wall in this room example. I’m a firm advocate for chalkboard walls and think they are such a great learning tool for toddlers!

Colors to Begin With: Soft and subtle, these restful shades are perfect for painting your baby’s nursery. The colors are inspired by Winnie the Pooh and other classics. If Winnie the Pooh bedding is something you’ve had your eye on, you can match the paint accordingly with shades such as “Eeyore’s Rain Cloud” and “Blushing Piglet.”

Colors with Character: This palette is grouped into six collections (each with 10 colors) inspired by classic characters and their worlds, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Disney Princess characters, Disney Fairies, Disney Pixar’s Cars and Monsters University.

Colors with Kick: These bright and bold colors are suited for tweens and teens looking to add personality to their rooms.

The collection of five specialty finishes are my absolute favorite! Click through to read up on how they can spruce up your wall or your child’s wall.

Disney Paint is available now through Walmart stores across the country. You can visit to test out various looks and paint palettes with the virtual “Room Painter” tool or browse the gallery for additional ideas and inspiration.

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