A Year of Father and Son

I’m not sure there is anything more adorable than dads and their little boys. This is my husband’s 2nd Father’s Day and in this last year he and my son have just grown so close. They have their own special little games they play, their own jokes, and their own favorite pastimes. Here is a collection of some of my favorite images of my little boy and his daddy over the last year. Happy Father’s Day weekend to all the Dads out there!

  • The Bond of My Boys

    The Bond of My Boys

    Over the last year, my son and husband’s relationship has just gone crazy! I have loved watching the two of them and their special bond. Here are a few favorite photos of them from the last year. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads!

  • Sharing is Caring

    Sharing is Caring

    Our son loves to share his snacks with his daddy. Here he is early in the morning sharing his puff cereal.

  • Puppet Play

    Puppet Play

    I had this sloth puppet as a kid and recently we started letting our son play with it. He’s in love. He especially loves when Dad does it.

  • Little Drummer Boys

    Little Drummer Boys

    My husband is a talented drummer. And our son has become OBSESSED with playing the drums over the last few months. Any time he hears them he runs right to the door.

  • Tech Nerds

    Tech Nerds

    My husband is a huge tech fanboy. And naturally our son is interested in all things electronic. He’s always trying to type on our keyboards or swipe through photos on our phones.

  • Nature Time

    Nature Time

    The two of them will go out and explore the local state parks together in the afternoons. Both of them love to be outside of the house.

  • Grocery Shopping Fieldtrips

    Grocery Shopping Fieldtrips

    As soon as he could walk, he wanted to be free to explore the grocery store all on his own. I love this shot of the two of them strolling down the dairy aisle.

  • Work Hard, Play Hard

    Work Hard, Play Hard

    We are freelancers and we run our own business. Sometimes schedules don’t exactly lineup so our son has gotten used to being on location with us while we work. This photos makes my heart swoon.

  • Bunny Bubs

    Bunny Bubs

    This Easter we made sure to rock the bunny ears. I think we’ll make him do this till he’s too big to fit in them anymore because it’s just too adorable.

  • Live Long and Prosper

    Live Long and Prosper

    This was a total fluke but since my husband is a big sci-fi fan, this photo quickly became an all time favorite.

  • Exploring is for the Birds

    Exploring is for the Birds

    My husband was so excited to take our son to the local Birds of Prey sanctuary. He loves birds and it is something he and our son can now enjoy together.

  • Brunch Strolls in The Park

    Brunch Strolls in The Park

    I love how cute they both look when my son is hanging out on my husband’s shoulders!

  • Refreshment Break

    Refreshment Break

    This photo cracks me up. A bottle for baby and a bottle for Daddy.

  • Snuggle Time

    Snuggle Time

    Snuggle time is rare now that our son is toddling around and has become Mr. Independent so we’ve gotta document it when it happens!

  • Summertime Fun

    Summertime Fun

    They loved to hang out in the pool together. My little Floridian boys.

  • The First Sickness

    The First Sickness

    We survived the first real bug. But not without lots of sofa snuggle time.

  • The Boys Just Lounging Around

    The Boys Just Lounging Around

    It’s funny to me because our son will lounge on the sofa with my husband but will never sit still next to me. It’s just one of the special things that is unique to their relationship

  • Learning About Hair

    Learning About Hair

    Our son learned the word “Hair” recently. It’s not really a surprise to anyone around here. ;)

  • Dad and Proud

    Dad and Proud

    Men wearing baby carriers is pretty much the most adorable thing ever of all time. True story.

  • First Baseball Game

    First Baseball Game

    My husband was so excited to take our son to his first baseball game. He slept through most of it. But this photos is still so sweet and precious.

  • Oh What a Difference a Year Makes

    Oh What a Difference a Year Makes

    Father’s Day 2012. We’ve done a lot on this last trip around the sun. And a ton has changed. I can’t wait to see what next year has in store!


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