Hayden’s First 12 Months, in Photos

I still may be in a bit of denial that my baby boy turned 1 last week. In my mind, as long as he’s still crawling, he’s still my little baby.

Needless to say, I’m not encouraging any walking! In looking through the last year of photos, it was so amazing to see both the physical and developmental changes! Although I wasn’t any good at taking the staged photos on each monthly birthday, I do have a host of photos to look through each month that all tell a different story of our growing baby. I can see the transition from lying still to rolling over, to learning to sit up and learning to crawl, so he could crawl right away from me as I was trying to take a photo!

They may not all be perfectly staged, but these photos tell the story of our lives this past year, and how much our third and final baby changed, and changed us in the process. Allow me to take you through a year of Hayden.

  • 12 Months Of Baby

    12 Months Of Baby

    Nothing tells a story of a thousand words like a picture! Let me take you on a photo journey, where you’ll witness the physical and developmental transformation of a baby boy, right before your eyes.

  • 1 Day Old

    1 Day Old

    Born on 8/27/12 and weighing exactly 8 pounds, measuring precisely 20 inches, Hayden came out looking like a spitting image of his big brother, He took to nursing almost immediately, and was very easy to soothe. We almost felt useless, since we didn’t get to use our battery of soothing tricks we had learned with the first 2. We spent a lot of time holding this sweet guy, and he didn’t warm up to his bassinet for the first week or two, preferring our arms, but his laid back nature eventually took over and he was content taking a snooze almost anywhere.

  • 1 Month Old

    1 Month Old

    By the time Hayden turned 1 month old, we were both still waiting for the other shoe to drop. After previously dealing with 2 very colicky and very loud, vocal babies, it was surreal to have a baby who cried only when he needed to be fed. He didn’t even put up the usual tired, ready for bed cries, but rather just dozed off to sleep. His days were spent with little bits of floor time or time in his swing, where he would observe the rest of the family and just hang out, content as can be. He went in his car seat and stroller without objection, and at night woke to nurse but then went right back to sleep (most nights). We were expecting things to look and feel quite different with 3. This experience, after month 1, was proving to be a pleasant surprise.

  • 2 Months Old

    2 Months Old

    Month two saw Hayden grow in both length and weight, which were evident in a bit of meat showing up on what were previously thin little chicken legs. He was growing more and more aware by the day, and had tremendous head and neck strength. He was starting to smile almost every day and on cue, like when we spoke to him in a sing-songy voice, or sang to him. It was obvious he knew who we all were now, but was still happy to be passed amongst visiting friends and family. His eyes were starting to shine a little more blue, and light hair was coming in.

  • 3 Months Old

    3 Months Old

    Hayden’s face was really rounding out now, and he was starting to look like a baby and not just a newborn. He was staying awake for longer periods of time, was smiling throughout the day and was starting to make little cooing noises at us. He would awkwardly move his arms and legs when excited and tired, but you could tell he was deliberately trying to control them now. There was purpose behind that movement, even if he never reached his destination.

  • 4 Months Old

    4 Months Old

    Cooing and babbling were an everyday occurrence now, and he was quite a little chatter box! Sadly, during his 4th month he experienced his first ear infection, and we saw a decrease in babbling for a bit after that. Whether it was coincidental or a result of, we still aren’t sure. But he continued to grow and fill out, and was starting to display a lot of progress with fine motor control, easily reaching for and grabbing toys that were within his reach.

  • 5 Months Old

    5 Months Old

    During his 5th month of life, Hayden got to experience the joy and wonder of his first Christmas, and enjoyed every bit of it. He loved being around family and was often the life of the party, with his sweet nature winning everyone over. His thighs and cheeks continued to fill out and his eyes were most definitely bright blue by now! He wasn’t doing much rolling around yet, but continued to work on hand eye coordination and started deliberately pointing at things.

  • 6 months old

    6 months old

    By now Hayden is smiley and giggly most of the time. Overall, he’s got a gummy smile even though he’s already got 2 bottom teeth! He’s completely fascinated by his hands and has them in front of him most of the time, so much so that I have a hard time taking a photo of him. He’s still not doing much rolling over, although he has rolled back and forth a few times, but instead seems to be focusing on other things, like smiling and playing with his hands. We also started him on solid foods this month, which he took to after just a few tries.

  • 7 Months Old

    7 Months Old

    It’s now March and Hayden is 7 months old, and I clearly remember thinking, why on Earth is he not sleeping through the night yet? He had been on solid foods for over a month now, and taken to them quite well, so why was he still waking up multiple times a night? I tried to let that question go unanswered and instead just focus on enjoying my little sweetheart, but month 7 was a tough one in terms of sleep deprivation.

  • 8 Months Old

    8 Months Old

    In the last month we saw Hayden go through quite a growth spurt, leaving him pretty low on clothes. I remembered to finally go through my older son’s old clothes and unearthed some gems, this little gingham outfit being one of them. Still not rolling much, but working on some teeth and taking in his scenery, overall my little guy continued to be happy and content. His super blonde hair was also coming in quite nicely.

  • 9 Months Old

    9 Months Old

    Baby boy has two very cute little top teeth popping through now, and he continues to have fun showing the world his sweet grin. By this point, we’ve experienced his first Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and even Mother’s Day, and the addition of a third child has only made our family stronger. We were worried how hard a 3rd would be, and while there are definitely hard times, we have all adjusted to this addition wonderfully and can’t believe the first year of Hayden’s life is 3/4 of the way complete! He’s still not rolling much, although he is working on his upper body strength and sitting up like a champ.

  • 10 Months Old

    10 Months Old

    Hayden has 4 teeth, and working on 2 more. He’s not gaining as much weight as the doctor would expect him to, and he dropped significantly in the growth chart percentiles, so she asked us to concentrate on his diet a bit more. I made a fresh batch of purees, and with some persistence, he picked up his love for eating once again. While he may not be super mobile yet, he’s really communicative and responsive, and is an excellent self-feeder, proving that he’s been focusing on fine motor skill development over gross motor skills.

  • 11 Months Old

    11 Months Old

    During Hayden’s 10th month of life, we saw him develop by leaps and bounds! He perfected sitting up, and getting himself up to a sitting position, he started to crawl, and he began sleeping through the night! He was on a roll indeed and it was amazing to see so many developmental milestones happen in such a small window of time! He also got two more teeth in, for a total of 6. Way to go Hayden!

  • 12 Months Old!

    12 Months Old!

    Hayden had two more teeth sprout up, grew the most perfect batch of tow-head blonde hair I’ve ever seen, he perfected speed crawling, and learned to pull himself up to a standing position, all in the last month. He ended his first year of life with a bang and is off to an awesome start for his second year. It’s been fun, exciting, and amazing to watch you grow, develop, and blossom into the sweet and charming little baby boy you are Hayden! Thank you for being you!

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