A Thank You Letter to My Little Girl

My Dearest Jada,

I can’t believe it’s been exactly 18 months since you entered my life. Oh, how time flies. During my pregnancy with you, life was quite eventful and I thought that everything going on would certainly cause you to arrive before your due date. I was wrong. You are not one to be rushed. Three days after you were due, you came into my life and the first lesson you taught me is one I will be eternally grateful for. You showed me how much my heart was able to expand and how much love I actually have to give. I am still in awe. 

You see, when I had your brother, I fell head over heels in love. He was a charmer from day one, and he won my heart. When people say that having a baby changes everything, they mean it. The love you feel for a child is indescribable. That said, when I became pregnant with you, I wondered, How could my heart possibly expand enough to love her as much as I love him? How does that even happen? I’m certainly not the first mom to have more than one child, so I knew it was possible, but until I experienced it myself, I just could not wrap my head around it.


While I was pregnant with you, I felt this immense love and I began to understand how it was possible to love both you and your brother so deeply. However, once I had you, my heart stretched beyond anything I ever thought was possible. Jada, I thank you for stretching my heart so much. I thank you for truly showing me how deep my capacity to love truly is.

As I’ve experienced these past 18 months with you, you have taught me so much. Thank you for adding an additional ray of sunshine to our family. Thank you for making me a better mom by showing me how much strength I have within. Thank you for all the magical moments I’ve witnessed between you and your brother. Thank you for having a personality that shines as brightly as the sun.

As a woman, there is one more amazing thing I need to thank you for. Thank you for motivating me make the life changes I need to make so I am more comfortable in my skin. As a girl, I know that you will learn how to love yourself by watching me and sensing how much I love myself. I am so committed to helping you become a confident young lady. I will not pass any of my body issues on to you, because I am working through them now. Thank you for being such a tiny, but powerful, force and for reminding me that taking care of myself and having a positive image of myself is a must. I deserve it, and you certainly deserve it too.

I know that this letter I’ve written is very different than the thank you letter I will write you on your 18th birthday, but I am certain that letter will be thanking you in countless other ways because I know raising you will challenge and strengthen me in ways that I need. You will help me grow into the best possible version of myself.

Thank you my sweet, sweet girl for being such an amazing force in my life. What you have given us in 18 short months is truly magical.




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