A Sweet Moment Caught On Camera

My husband is a a pretty swell guy. He works hard for his family during the day and when he comes home doesn’t miss a beat when turning on the Dad mode.


I love when he gets to spend special time alone with our daughter. I think it is super important for them to bond in their own way. That is why it made my heart melt into a big puddle when I went downstairs the other day to find them like this…

He is the most amazing Dad. I couldn’t ask for anything more. He is caring, loving and hands on. I know when he gets home he must be so tired from working, but he is always right there for her. He is instantly down on the floor playing blocks or out skateboarding with her. She has been a Daddy’s girl from the very beginning and there is no doubt in my mind why. He make her feel secure, protected and loved beyond belief. He has patience when I have none left. He is the perfect balance of stern when she needs it and a big, full of life kid ready to play.

I could not be more proud of him. I can’t wait to see him grow again as a father of two in the coming months.

Have you told your better half how thankful you are for them lately?

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