A Summer Wish List for My Baby’s First Full Summer

Considering the fact that my littlest is an August baby, today marks my first summer as a mom of two. While work and everyday tasks will find their way into a majority of our summer days, I am also hoping to partake in some everyday adventures with my girls. Since the days of summer are longer, there are more opportunities to enjoy all the season has to offer, from fun outings to special treats. Although there have been a few things Lola has already experienced, there are also some new adventures we have yet to embark on.

  • A Summer Wish List

    A Summer Wish List

    Today marks the first day of summer! Find out some of the things I hope to do with Lola during this sunshine filled season.

  • Eat more watermelon

    Eat more watermelon

    Lola loves watermelon. It was one of my favorite things to eat (and one of the few things I could keep down) during my pregnancy. I can’t wait to sit with my girls outside snacking on crisp cool pieces of watermelon.

  • Go to the beach

    Go to the beach

    Lola has been to the beach but we have yet to venture out into the sand. I can’t wait to stand with her by the ocean and watch her facial expression as the cool water touches her toes.

  • Go to the zoo

    Go to the zoo

    Now that Lola is bigger she will be even more aware of, and perhaps amused by, the animals at the zoo.

  • Go swimming (or splashing!)

    Go swimming (or splashing!)

    A few weeks ago Lola visited the swimming pool for the first time. She splashed and kicked and loved every moment. I can’t wait to see those cute little toes splashing in the pool again.

  • Go listen to live music

    Go listen to live music

    Whether it’s a concert in the park or music at a restaurant, I’d love to take her to listen to live music. Any time she hears music, whether it is at church, in the car, or at home, she starts clapping with excitement.

  • Visit the library

    Visit the library

    I am hoping that Lola will love books just as much as her sister and I do. The library will be a great place to expose her to a variety of books as well as give us a chance to escape the heat.

  • Ride a carousel

    Ride a carousel

    I’ve always loved carousels and can’t wait to ride one with my littlest.

  • Taste popsicles

    Taste popsicles

    Lola hasn’t tasted a popsicle yet. Now is the perfect time to let her savor a fresh fruit filled popsicle.

  • Visit a botanical garden

    Visit a botanical garden

    I would love to take Lola to visit a botanical garden so she can smell all of the beautiful flowers and admire and touch some of the plant life.

  • Go to the Farmers Market

    Go to the Farmers Market

    Now that Lola is eating more than just pureed foods I think it would be fun to head back down to the Farmers Market and sample some of delicious food as well as pick out some fresh fruits and veggies for her to try.

  • Visit the aquarium

    Visit the aquarium

    Given how much Lola loves the water I would love to see how she likes the aquarium.

  • Go on more picnics

    Go on more picnics

    We love picnics in the park and can’t wait to go on more of them!

  • Blow bubbles

    Blow bubbles

    Lola may be too little to blow bubbles but she certainly isn’t too small to enjoy them!

  • More cuddles

    More cuddles

    This summer Lola will turn one! Knowing how fast time has gone by, I plan to shower her with even more hugs, kisses and cuddles than I already do.

What are some adventures you look forward to going on with your little one this summer?

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