Hoping for a Summer Filled with Simple Joys

Recently I shared my summer wish list for Lola’s first full summer. It was filled with memories I would love to make with my baby. Things ranging from riding a carousel and going swimming to blowing bubbles. It’s a mixture of fun outings and simple joys. And although I love planning and going on our mini-adventures, I also love the fun moments that present themselves at the most unexpected times. Moments like when you are cleaning out the contents of a box and stumble upon bubble wrap. And the subsequent moments that follow — the ones in which you realize that you didn’t just stumble upon bubble wrap, you stumbled upon opportunity; an opportunity to show your baby that there is magic in the seemingly mundane.


Last week, my children and I pressed our toes against bubble wrap, and within the first moment my littlest lifted her feet into the air, unsure of what was happening. Her sister began to giggle, and as I held her, I gently pressed my feet into the air-filled bubbles that lined the corner of the floor we stood on. I watched as she slowly put her feet to the floor and I marveled at the tiny toes dancing atop bubbles. For the next few moments the three of us were immersed in the joy to be had in the small things.

Yes, summer wish lists, or bucket lists, or whatever you refer to them as, are great and exciting to dream up. Adventures are often fun-filled and enlightening; and while planing experiences or activities are a sure way to fill your summer with fun, so is leaving your mind and heart open to experience the simple joys that present themselves in your daily lives. Like when you are cleaning out a box and happen upon some bubble wrap.

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