How Her Refusal to Blow a Kiss Made Me Rethink the Meaning of “Princess”

Sugar and spice, and everything nice. That’s the typical girl way, yes? Pink and floral and scented with candy-coated kisses? Not for Bee. Instead, she’s rambunctious and loud and boisterous with a fiery temper and a will stronger than stone.


In short, she’s the furthest thing from what you’d envision a princess to be. But last weekend, she surprised us.

Blowing kisses was one of the first “party tricks” Bee learned, so it’s been a frequent display in the Loechner home. Generally reserved for hellos and goodbyes, we’ve been noticing an uptick on the gesture recently — during mealtime, playtime, and every time between. So naturally, we encouraged her to shower her grandmother with a few kiss-blows during lunch on a Saturday afternoon.

Bee refused — and not in a kind way. In a red-faced, fist-clenched, high-pitched, “I will not, not now, not tomorrow, not ever” kind of way. And although this sounds like a crazy statement indeed, her reaction couldn’t have been more princess-approved.

A princess stands her ground. She has respect to earn and honor to uphold, and sometimes her passion takes center stage and leads to a less-than-graceful reaction.

It happened to Jasmine. And Belle and Ariel and Merida.

And this weekend, it happened to Bee.

A princess is gracious and kind and poised. But she’s also human. And sometimes, the tiara fades and the real beauty shines through: her Self.

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