A Winnie the Pooh First Birthday Party!

My dear friend, Tracy Wade, had a Winnie the Pooh party this past weekend for her little one, and it was too fabulous not to share! Her party is filled with amazing and inspirational ideas that you could do for your little guy or gal’s first birthday! My kiddos had an absolute blast.

Tracy made everything herself and it was a great example of a party that you can duplicate right in your own home.

  • an adorable Pooh party for your little one

    A Pooh Party!

  • photo booth

    Photo Booth

    Tracy had a box of Disney costumes and Disney hats for the kiddos to put on for a fun “photo booth”. She put a white sheet in the background and two small chairs for them to sit on! Cheeeeessssseeeee!!

  • Disney Animals

    Disney Animals

    Tracy put out little Disney animals everywhere for the kids to play with! This is my little Ainsleigh playing away!!

  • coloring table

    Coloring Table

    The cake table was covered in Disney book pages for the little ones to color while they enjoyed their cake! She had tins of colors and tiny stools and chairs for them to sit in!

  • decorations


    Tracy made the majority of her banners and signs herself but the adorable Pooh lanterns can be found here! The sweet little Pooh decorations were the icing on the cake and the unique lanterns added such an extra party flair to the room!

  • treats


    She had beautiful white cupcakes and jars filled with great little treats for toddlers! Everything was placed in beautiful vases and mason jars!

  • a party crown

    A Party Crown

    This beautiful birthday crown is the cutest around! Tracy made it herself, which made it extra special….made with extra love!

  • Tree of Love

    Tree of Love

    Because the birthday girl’s special day falls in December, Tracy created a “tree of love”! It was a darling pink Christmas tree and had little blank notes that Tracy printed herself. Each birthday guest got to leave a sweet little love note on the tree! Such a special way to celebrate your little one’s beautiful life.

  • chalkboard sign

    Chalkboard Sign

    Tracy already had a chalkboard sign in her home so she made it extra special by leaving a birthday message on it for her little gal’s special day!

  • pin the tail on Eeyore

    Pin the Tail on Eeyore

    How adorable is this? Tracy drew a big picture of Eeyore on black paper and let the kiddos ” pin the tail on Eeyore”! They had an absolute blast and giggled the whole time!

  • photo booth signs

    Photo Booth Signs

    You can create your own photo booth signs out of old boxes! Tracy had cute little slogans that were adorable to hold up in the photo booth pics!

  • "I See TIGGER!"

    She had an absolute blast! Kept saying all of the characters names!

  • mom, I love this!

    "Mom, I Love This!"

    Is there anything more fun than a little one’s birthday party? Celebrating their little lives?! I think not!

  • the grown ups

    The Grown-ups

    The “big kids” had a blast too! I think just as many of the parents were giggling and smiling in the photo booth as the kids!

  • time for cake

    Time for Cake

    The kids loved sitting at the coloring book table to enjoy their cake. It was beautiful and delicious!

  • mini toys

    Mini Toys

    Something else that was super sweet were the mini plush toys for the really small kiddos to carry around and love on. You can find the mini toys here!!

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