Red, White, and Expecting: A Patriotic Pregnancy

As I round down the weeks on this, my fourth pregnancy, I can’t help but think how connected we all are as mothers.

From the older to the younger, past and present, grandmothers and aunts and those who will come before us.

We have all stood together, in the solidarity that is motherhood.

Underneath the flag that has made it possible for so many of us.

I may have never served for my country, but I do believe that I am serving my country by raising the next generation with hope, love, and laughter. 


I haven’t pioneered across the plains to forge a new home for my family, but I have pioneered in the new world that is millennial motherhood–doing my best to combine work and family. 

I do not know the pain of fighting for freedom, but I am grateful I have the freedom to fight–for what’s best for my children, my husband, and myself. 

So, this Friday, when I will load up all of my children and proudly watch their father drive a tractor in the annual 4th of July parade, I will stand with my pregnant belly proudly.

Because patriotism for our country is not necessarily about the flag or the parades or the traditions that have brought us here, to this day. It’s not even about believing that everything about our way of life or the systems we have created are perfect. 

But it is about moving forward; always improving, always believing that there is new hope, new life, and new experiences ahead. It’s about learning from the past, enjoying today, and building a better future.

So when you think about it–patriotism and pregnancy have a lot in common, don’t they?

Image via Chaunie Brusie

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